Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

Have you ever been to New Orleans? And I was! And even removed several issues heading "Foreign things" in this charming city. Shooting in Louisiana and New Orleans were about 7 years ago, but still remember with delight jazz and temperamental, and long balcony terrace houses in the French Quarter, and the extraordinary local cuisine. In fact, even two original cuisine in New Orleans - Cajun and Creole. Creoles in Louisiana called pervopereselentsev descendants of southern Europe, whose blood is eventually mixed with Indian or African. Cajun considered settlers from the French colonies in Canada, to whose tastes "a hand" came from West Africa. Both the gastronomic tradition is so specific and original, which is not that often go beyond the boundaries of Louisiana, even in America itself. And in Russia, much more ...

But as you know, "never say never"! In June, the kitchen of New Orleans arrived in Moscow from New York with the project under the name of cunning "pop-up project Tchoup Shop".

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

the Pop - to up cafes - nothing more than a temporary cafe that opens quickly and the busiest place without any problems and for a short time (ie, "on the occasion"), or periodically - from time to time. This is the format chosen for his "New Orleans" Cafe in New York the famous American chef Simon Glenn. A native of northern California, Simon Glenn, after graduating from culinary school, went on a six-month practice in New Orleans ... and stayed there for the entire 10 years! So fascinated by his local cuisine. Simon has long been a "Ambassador" New Orleans gastronomy in New York, where he founded his own brand "Tchoup Shop". In Moscow, it became a family gastrokafe temporary shelter its pop-up "The brown fox and the lazy dog" in the Garden and Samotechnaya street 13/1. Hostess "the Brown Fox" Natalia Tuktarova is not afraid of experiments. She fearlessly gave at the disposal of the American cook in a baseball cap the kitchen of his restaurant for a week. "Cajun cuisine is perhaps one of the most interesting in the world and a real example of what modern national cuisine US - it's not just burgers and fries, - she says. - When we met with Simon, I immediately realized that it was a man, a talented chef and an expert on the cuisine of Louisiana, will help us to launch the first Moscow "restaurant in the restaurant." This is a bold step for Russia, but considering the phenomenal success Tchoup Shop in New York, I was convinced that it would be unusual, bright and very tasty! "

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

Testimony: and it was! She tried. And it Cajun classics - gumbo soup - had the same amazing taste in Moscow, as in New Orleans! According to Natalia, all products for "New Orleans tour" Simon Glenn they were getting themselves. The management of the restaurant had to work hard to get the ingredients and optimally transfer the names of the dishes.

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

In addition to the gumbo with ocher, rice and bacon, Simon Glenn offered Muscovites are very diverse and, I must say, very sharp menu.

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

This is only a few striking examples of his dishes that I could

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

to capture: the island egg with smoked paprika and sea salt maldonskoy, Creole boudin balls of beef and duck with Creole mustard and pickles.

American chef's signature dish - sandwich "Homage to Elvis' (Simon - a true fan of the singer). The culinary "dedication" is jellied pig's head, a cucumber "chow-chow" (Sometimes it is!) And pork belly confit. Do you want a taste of New Orleans at home? Simon Glenn gave me a couple of his recipes. No, for the soup gumbo is better not to take. It is necessary to prepare almost 15 hours. But you can try to build here is a spicy salad of watermelon and feta.

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

Recipe salad of watermelon and feta

It is necessary: ​​

75 g melon 15 g red onion

15 g of "Feta" cheese

10 g arugula

3 ringlet chili

20 g of sauce

For the sauce:

1 h. L. fish sauce

1 h. L. lime juice

1 tbsp. l. jam of chilli


1. Cous: teaspoon fish sauce + teaspoon of lime juice + tablespoon of chilli jam (can be replaced with chutney or sweet chili Chinese chili sauce).

2. Watermelon diced 1 x 1 cm prepared by removing bone.

3. brynza diced 0, 5 x 0, 5 cm.

4 Onions chop into fine strips.

5 Put arugula, onion, watermelon and feta in a salad bowl, top with 3 ringlet chilli and pour the sauce.

By the way: if you like sharp little salad you just love it! But on hot you can cook asparagus with crispy pig ears, stewed crayfish and a poached egg. How? Here is a recipe for one serving:

Taste of New Orleans - video recipes at home

RECIPE Asparagus with Crispy pig ear


5 pieces. mini asparagus

1/5 of the ear of swine

20 g of crayfish

1 egg

Butter for frying

Vegetable oil for frying

Tabasco sauce

1/2 Art. l. lemon juice


Breading (a mixture of wheat and corn flour, salt, thyme, garlic powder and cayenne pepper)

salt maldonskaya


1. Boil the asparagus until tender, it is very important not to digest it to stay crisp and bright green. To do this, remove it after cooking in a bowl with ice water.

2 pig's ear cut into strips, roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a pan in a large amount of vegetable oil.

3. Crayfish warm butter supplemented with 2 drops of Tabasco, lemon juice and chopped tarragon.

4. Boil poached egg method.

5 Put the asparagus on a plate, on top of a poached egg on top of stewed crayfish tails and pig ears. Maldonskoy sprinkle with salt and tarragon. The dish is ready!

Simon Glenn, meanwhile, flew away, but promised to return. Very much he loved Moscow and appreciated khinkali interest our audience to the New Orleans Kitchen! But his taste unusual dishes are in Moscow now. 30 June inclusive in gastrokafe "brown fox and the lazy dog" are served daily, "New Orleans night breakfast" - from 20:00 until the closure of the institution. 5 most popular dishes from the menu in gastrokafe served strictly by the time the New Orleans! Ready to try? ..