Mushroom soup made from dried mushrooms - recipe

Mushroom soup, especially if well prepared, rarely one of the inhabitants of Russia is able to remain indifferent. Moreover, according to experienced cooks, the best to taste it is not that fresh and dried from the main ingredient. Mushrooms in this case, make soup unusually fragrant and rich.

They are for the foods you can buy at the grocery store. However, if it is possible to go in the season on the "quiet hunt" and prepare their own mushrooms, it will be a sin not to use. Especially successful is the outcome of this "gathering", where will be able to get a fair amount of white and at least some of them to dry.

Mushrooms favorably differ from the rest of edible mushrooms that valuable to the human body proteins in them are contained in easily digestible form. Because of these dishes out more dietary, rather than from their other counterparts.

However, if the white fungus is not at hand, it is permissible to use other types - chanterelles, boletus, aspen, etc. The main thing -.. That they are wild and those that grow in Russia. Meals of, for example, Chinese mushrooms come out with a completely different taste, but each would like. In the case where the product was purchased in the store, on the four-liter pot of soup will be enough one standard 50-gram package. If the mushrooms were procured independently or purchased in the market, you need to take them 5-7 pieces (whole).

Mushrooms is a bit washed out and soak in cold water overnight. However, with the urgent need to make soup, you can use a slightly different way - to fill them with boiling water for 20-30 minutes. In any case, the water in which they were soaked, do not pour out - it should be added to the broth.

At the same time we should start preparing the remaining ingredients dishes. First of all, you need to peel and finely chop 2-3 (depending on their size) bulbs. Also needed for the soup average carrot. It should be grate - and can be a special, curly. So in a soup product will look better.

Soaked mushrooms should be removed from the water, cleaned of dirt (it can be for them, because they are usually not washed before drying) and cut into small pieces. Mushroom infusion should be good strain through a folded in several layers of cheesecloth, pour into a saucepan and, having added enough water to boil. Already mushrooms are added during boiling - if they decided to put in the soup without sautéing. Onions need to fry, pre-salt the it. When it became clear to him grated carrots added. Some like to put in a similar saute and mushrooms. In such a case, it is necessary to fry the product first, and then gradually adding the remaining already thereto.

However, if the fungus is already in the pot, onions and carrots should be put to him, when the broth boils. Together they need to cook about 20 minutes, and at the same time the fire abated better to slow.

After this time period should be thrown into the soup pasta. Boil the pudding is necessary, until they are cooked - about 7-10 minutes. Leaving them al dente for this dish is not necessary, but also convert almost porridge is also impossible.

Those who can not imagine a dish without potatoes can add it to pre-peel and cut into small cubes, almost simultaneously with the mushrooms. However, in this case, the dish will not work so delicate.

Serve it is desirable with cream. Some seasoned greens this pudding, but this is not worth - a component interrupts mushroom taste and smell.