Hearty and austere: Pearl barley porridge with stewed meat - video recipes at home

If you do not like barley - so you just do not know how to cook it properly. The dish turned out to glory, should pay special attention to the preparation of cereals. Before cooking it should be thoroughly washed, and then be sure to soak. For this purpose, a glass of barley is necessary to take a liter of water. Soak rump necessary for 3-12 hours. The longer she will be soaked, the more tender and tastier get porridge.

After soaking, drain the liquid, rinse again and pour the barley has two liters of ice water. Only then it can be put on the fire to cook. The cooking time of barley porridge is not less than 1, 5 hours.

There are many recipes barley porridge with stewed meat. For one of the most unpretentious need:

- 1 tbsp. pearl barley;

- 2 carrots;

- onions;

- Bank of corned beef;

- 2 liters of water;

- ground black pepper and salt to taste.

Prepare the pearl barley. To do this, wash it with water up to the maximum transparency. Soak rump at 6 hours. Drain. It can be a little dry, swollen grains, placing them in a colander.

Pour into the pan ice water and put on fire. After boiling water boil the porridge 1 hour and at low heat. This time is sufficient to ensure that barley has become almost finished. To porridge turned out more crumbly, you must cook it in a water bath. To do this, place the prepared grits in a saucepan and cover with water. Place the pot in a container of water and porridge simmer for 6 hours. Some housewives prefer not to cook, and zaparivat pearl barley in a thermos. In this case, all the preparatory work for it soak remain the same. The grits thermos must swell at least 12 hours. You can fall asleep in the evening barley, add water, and in the morning enjoy a delicious porridge. You can cook the barley and multivarka on mode "Kashi" or "Buckwheat." In this case, the timer should be set for an hour.

Meanwhile, wash and clean the carrots. The dried root grate.

Clean the bulb from the peel and rinse with water. Chop it into small pieces. For onions, if desired, you can add a clove of garlic, which is also necessary to finely chop.

Put the pan with high sides on the fire. Put it in the fat from the stew. Pour in a little warm water, place the vegetables and fry. Strongly do not fry, carrots and onions should buy a light golden hue.

When the barley is almost ready, drain the water. Add the vegetables to the porridge, which are in the pan. All mix, salt and pepper to taste. Cover the pan with a lid. Then porridge until cooked for 30 minutes. If it is almost seethe, stew, add and mix all again. Hold the porridge on the fire for 2-3 minutes. Satisfying and simple dish is ready. Serve the pudding to the table hot.