Recipe: Hamburger Patties

Hamburger - it's much more than just a sandwich. From ordinary buns with meat it distinguished by the presence of special sauce, vegetables, as well as a special way to make burgers. That burger is the main ingredient of the dish and how it is cooked, the taste depends on the hamburger. Make it possible and at home, but you need to consider some points.

First of all, chicken is not a tangled and minced meat. And before you give it a shape, stuffing should definitely well to repel, to soften the fibers. Then the meat is juicy and tender.

It is also important to remember that in the stuffing hamburger do not need to add eggs, milk or bread batter, as in the usual burgers.

To prepare beef patties, will need the following ingredients: 500 g of ground beef, 1 pc. onions, garlic cloves 2, salt and pepper to taste.

Before the actual preparation of the stuffing should be well to repel. Then crush the garlic and onion (ideally - mince), mix with the meat. Further it is necessary to divide the entire mixture into equal portions - it will be the future burgers. They need to roll into balls, then splyusnuv hands, give them the desired shape.

Cutlets need to lay out on a baking tray or dish and place in the fridge for half an hour. Then they should be salt and pepper on both sides. Pan or grill you need to warm up. To have chops was spectacular glossy shine, they can be lubricated with a special barbecue sauce. This must be done each time the steak is turned to the other side. Cutlets also can be made of chicken meat. And they, unlike beef, preparing a completely different way. You will need the following ingredients: 500 g chicken fillets, 200 g loaf, salt to taste, a pinch of ground black pepper.

In a meat grinder with large holes need to scroll chicken, chopped into small pieces. Then also crushed loaf, add to a missed fillet, salt, pepper, and the whole thoroughly mixed. In the meat, as well as in the beef, you can not put any flour or eggs. The first ingredient will make mincemeat too rubbery and hard to chew, and the second - too slimy, which would complicate the creation of the desired shape.

Further it is necessary to take some of the resulting mass to form a flat cake with a diameter of 13-15 cm. Thus crap chops all meat. Lay on a heated pan with vegetable oil and fry for five minutes. Exactly in this time of need flip burgers on the other side. In total, they have to roast for 15-20 minutes. Willingness checked tunic with a toothpick. If after the meat is pierced, it does not release the juice, then it is already possible to shift to the prepared dish.