Cutlets for a couple without a double boiler - recipes

Cutlets in a case of preparing them for a couple is not just tasty. They are also extremely useful in view of the fact that due to no use of fat at a similar method of heat treating food it will be much less harmful cholesterol and calories. Vitamins and other nutrients is, on the contrary, be able to save many times more than at any other method of cooking.

Have such foods is another advantage: it will fit for the diet of people of virtually any age. It will be able to taste and children are just beginning to get used to the viands from the common table, as well as those who are sick and must be on a special diet. As a rule, steam cutlets doctors in such situations are not prohibited, and sometimes even recommended - to saturate the weakened organism proteins.

However, some have linked the creation of the above foods with the presence in the house of a special device - a double boiler. There are those who believe that in the absence of such a device would be very difficult to find an adequate replacement for him. This approach is wrong, because in reality there are several ways of manufacturing of steam cutlets without steamer.

One of the most common and well-known considerable number of housewives methods - the use of a flat sieve or colander with fairly spacious pan with a lid. The latter should be slightly more than the diameter of the first, but such that they do not fall into it, and kept on top. Pan should be filled with sufficient liquid. However, its level even in full form must be left slightly below the bottom of the sieve or strainer. The dish is a steamed, not brewed! Nevertheless, let liquid boil away completely impossible.

Produce patties can be by any suitable recipe. For example, a pound of meat quarters presoaked glass milk white loaf, one bulb, egg and spices. Traditionally, all components are passed through a meat grinder, and not very large balls are formed from the resulting mass.

Cutlets should be placed in a sieve or colander so as to keep a small distance between them. Next, you need to put the pot on top of a pan of boiling liquid and cover with the lid. Reduce heat slightly (to the middle), you need to cook the dish about 30-40 minutes. To determine the readiness necessary to pull down a cutlet. The meat inside it must be uniform in color and juice flowing - transparent.

For other ways to create steam cutlets and useful metal sieve. In addition it would require different size pans, a piece of gauze at least 50x50 cm, twine and grill for grilling of microwaves. In one of kastryulek, whose diameter is about 20-25 cm, it is necessary to pour the water and cover all the gauze tightly tying the twine. The tissue is then necessary to push a little bit down to get some kind of a hemisphere. Boil the water, should be put on gauze and meatballs, cover pot, cook the dish 35-40 minutes.

Instead of gauze can try to place the pan in a special stand for grilling rounded shape suitable diameter. Heat Treatment cutlets on it usually lasts about 40 minutes.

In each case it is necessary to ensure that the cap on top of a tight-fitting pot. Otherwise, the preparation of steam cutlets will be increased - up to 60 minutes, or even more.

This dish will be different from their version of fried lack browned. At the same time, however, it will be much juicier and sweeter taste.