How to prepare a "crumb-potatoes"

Those who like "Tiny-potato", is quite understandable. Freshly baked potatoes, soaked in butter and served with a variety of fillings, even brutal quench hunger and become a real-fragrant taste bliss. This dish fast food and something can be called a stretch - it looks like a very home-cooked meals.

By the way, in order to enjoy it, do not necessarily look for the nearest point of sale of the above network. It is better to try to create something similar at home. In addition, in the case of self-cooking pudding will come many times more useful than the purchase.

Potatoes for the foods you should choose the same size, so that its preparation took about an equal amount of time. Also, the potatoes should be no serious external defects and properly cleaned from dirt - what you should use, for example, a metal mesh dish. In addition, they should be carefully wash and then dry.

Bake the potatoes must be at about 200 ° C. Stack product should be already in the preheated oven, and bring it to readiness will take at least 30-60 minutes. In this case the roasting duration will depend on the size of the potatoes.

Their highly desirable to be wrapped in several layers of a special foil food - then they propekutsya better. Their readiness is tested with a fork or sharp knife. Pierce their product should be careful not to violate its integrity. It is permissible to cook "Tiny-potato" in nature. Then it will be better to put roots, wrapped them in foil, in the still hot coals left over from the fire. In the open flame of their positioning is not necessary - can burn. In this case, to bring to readiness will take about 20 minutes.

Potatoes should be ready to take out until they cool down. It is important that the dish was exactly hot when lying in his fillings. Foil, in which it is baked, will play the role of the plate.

Each potato should be cut with a sharp knife into two halves, but it does not bring to the end of the cut. Now we must accurately disclose the product and taking the fork, mash the pulp within each of its halves. Perform such manipulations should be, trying not to break the potatoes completely. It is important that near the skin was a little more flesh - like bowls.

Next to potatoes to put on a small piece of butter. It will be very quickly melt and flow over the flesh - and that is how it should be. It should be a little stir with the conversion of previously always mashed potatoes.

Now turn to the filling. What exactly it will be - it's up to those for whom the dish is intended. In the simplest embodiment, a certain amount of chopped herbs and / or grated cheese. Fillers for "Tiny-potato" are extraordinarily diverse. Here put and pre-fried mushrooms, and prepared by any methods (up to smoked) fish, and their eggs, and all sorts of salads or simply chopped fresh vegetables. Some even prefer as a filling or Olivier herring under a fur coat.

Among the possible filler options - salad of boiled eggs and crab sticks, pickles or mushrooms (or a mixture with herbs, onions and sour cream), braised in cream chicken breast, smoked ham with dill and parsley, ham and cheese and green onions, ground sausage with mustard and m. p. as salad toppings go sour cream, mayonnaise or natural yoghurt with herbs.

Important way of presenting dishes. On the table, it should still get hot, and serve it desirable, as mentioned above, the same foil, where the baked potato. However, if the potatoes are ready for the dinner party, these instructions can be ignored and just put the dish on the a la carte dish.