How to choose a dryer for vegetables and fruits

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Modern dryers for fruits and vegetables dried raw materials due to the circulation of warm, not hot air, which means that all the vitamins and trace elements, as it were preserved, - fruits and vegetables retain useful properties.

When choosing a dryer should pay attention to several parameters, among which the most important are: working principle, power, spaciousness, body material, security.

How it works

By the principle of operation, all dryers are divided into two groups: convection and infrared. The latter are more expensive, but they are better than dried. Fruits in such a gadget capable of thoroughly dried at a temperature of 40-60 ° C, which allows them to keep the maximum benefit. When this product soaking in water just after such drying for 10 minutes to restore its freshness of the species.

The fruits of a convection oven heated with hot air, the moisture evaporates from the surface. As a result, a film is formed on the product, which makes it difficult to further drying. After soaking the original appearance and taste of the fruit can not be restored. In convection dryer is a plus - a low price.


The rate of drying of fruits and vegetables is in direct proportion to the power of the device: the higher it is, the faster the process will go. Power domestic dryers that are available on the market are in the range from 200 to 600 watts. The optimum capacity of 350-450 Watt. Dryers with the lowest power have usually small in size, respectively, they are comfortable to dry small fruits and vegetables. Devices with high power, in turn, when the issue is quite a lot of noise.

Location of the heating element is also important. If you want to serve you drier longer, select the device with overhead heating element. This arrangement will protect it from moisture.


Capacity of this enhancement depends on the number of pallets in the kit. Usually their is 3-8. The more trays in the dryer, the more fruit and vegetables you will be able to dry for a time. So you can save your time. Some models of dryers, you can purchase additional trays.

Pallets dryers can be either mesh or continuous. First facilitate the circulation of hot air. When this solid suitable not only for drying a plant raw material, but also to perform other operations - e.g., cooking pastes from fruit puree.

Body Material

In stores you can find metal and plastic dryers. Devices made of plastic have several advantages over their metal counterparts - they are much easier, which will effortlessly transport them. However, the main advantage in better drying as metal body capable overheat and lead to uneven drying of the product.


Since fruit and vegetable drying occurs at a high temperature, it is not excluded appliance overheating. It is therefore mandatory it should have, auto, it does not only protect against fire, your house, but also extend the service of the kitchen device.

Choosing dryer, give preference to the one which is equipped with a thermostat. He will not dry up the raw material, as you can set the temperature according to the type of fruit. Thus, mushrooms should be dried at a temperature of 30-40 ° C, as apples, cherries, plums at 55-70 ° C.