Mashed potatoes: tips from our readers - video recipes at home

Our article "5 Rules perfect mashed potatoes" has caused an unprecedented stir among fans In social networks, "Home" started hot international battle - everyone wanted to share their own secrets of cooking the most delicious mashed potatoes. Comments written chefs from Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Baku, Tolyatti, Odessa, Sochi, Khujand and even the sun of Los Angeles.

Some of the ideas were a revelation for us, so we decided to collect precious opinions and write about the perfect mashed potatoes for the second time. We thank our beloved readers and hope to continue the discussion!

The new secrets of perfect mashed potatoes

1. "To accentuate the combination of potatoes, milk and butter, add the hot sauce nutmeg and a little water," - advises Ruslan Galuzo.

2. "In order to get naughty classic mash, boil the potatoes with the onions, and then try to crush them together," - says Tatiana Ma. You do not like onions? Love Oleinikova puts into water 2-3 garlic cloves, is obtained not less tasty and original. Zaynura Mavlonova retorts: "During cooking, you can add a few buds of clove, black pepper and allspice the stems of any fresh greens."

3. "While the potato is cooked, throw the water bay leaf. Will not only delicious, but also fragrant "- recommends Lara Agarkova. 4. "Do not rush to pour the water. Let potatoes stand up a couple of minutes with the lid closed, "- EXCLUSIVE by Anne Surnevoy.

5. "Before you add milk and butter, heat it, the texture of mashed potatoes become soft and silky," - says Yulia Goncharova.

6. "Try to replace the milk cream, luxurious taste is guaranteed," - so does Susanna Barseghyan.

7. Beat the egg in hot sauce, add a little mayonnaise and stir vigorously, actively working tolkushkoy. This dish will appeal to all who love tasty and understandable simple Russian food. Recipe from Alexander Bryndzy.

8. "The finished mashed add finely chopped onions, fried in butter or vegetable oil" - advises Elena Love. She is joined by Sara Abdullayeva, which recommends to diversify the classic taste of mashed potatoes with fresh chopped cilantro, onion and butter.

9. Put the mashed potatoes in a baking dish, sprinkle with grated cheese and a few minutes to send a pre-heated oven. Get a nice option that will satisfy even the most refined guests (family favorite way Elena Zakharova-Olszewski).

And how you cook mashed potatoes? Register at and share their secrets in the comments! The most unusual advice will appear on our site!

Mashed potatoes: tips from our readers - video recipes at home