Cake stuffed with dried apricots - recipe

In the dried apricots contain vitamin B5, which is a beneficial effect on the immune system. Furthermore, many potassium dried apricots, carotene, calcium, organic acids, phosphorus, iron and many other nutrients and minerals. Also, it is often used as a means to strengthen the heart, blood vessels and increase hemoglobin. And the dessert with dried apricots for sure no one will refuse.

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Each family has at least at least one recipe for a delicious cake with dried apricots. For example, a cake made from dough.


What you need:

100ml milk

60 ml of water

1 egg

40 g butter

4-5 Art. l. Sahara

1 sachet of vanillin

1 tbsp. l. dry yeast

300 g flour


100 ml water

200 g of dried apricots

150 g of sugar

1 egg yolk

How to cook a pie stuffed with dried apricots:

1. In a deep pan, pour warm water, dissolve the yeast in it and add a couple of teaspoons of sugar. Put in a warm place to leaven have risen slightly. 2. Meanwhile, in a separate container, heat the milk and melt the butter in it. Then sprinkle in the sugar and stir well. Cool slightly.

3. After that, mix the yeast with the milk cooled down, add the vanilla, egg and mix thoroughly. Gradually stir the flour into the dough so that it will not get very tight. Otherwise, then it would be difficult to form a pie out of it. The dough should be knead well, lumps should remain.

4. Place the dough in a warm place for 15 minutes, covered with a lid or dense towel. After that, the dough should be obmyat and put in a warm place for 1, 5-2 hours.

5. For filling apricots fill with warm water. Let stand 10 minutes, then drain the muddy water and reload apricots in a deep pan. Pour 100 ml of water and set at medium heat. Once the water boils, reduce your heat to low and leave it to languish for 10-15 minutes. Then add the sugar and cook for another half hour. The syrup is supposed to be thick, and apricots become soft.

6. The dough, remove from the pan, shifting on the table sprinkled with flour. Divide it into two equal parts. From one part of roll cake thickness of about 2 cm. A second part of the test section is equal to three interconnected lobes. 7. Cover the baking dish with parchment and place in it the resulting cake. Put the stuffing and gently spread over the entire form. Then, the remaining three parts, roll the dough into thin "sausages". The edges of the tortillas lightly obmazhte egg white. Put the top on the edge form one "sausage" and press gently. Thus, the filling will not leak during baking. Of the remaining two parts of the test, ie the "sausages", make a cover on top of the filling.

8. Now spread the edges and cover with egg yolk and send in the oven. Leave bake until golden brown approximately 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C.

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