Recipe: Mashed potatoes for babies

Mashed potato has excellent taste, so grudnichki willingly eat it.

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What you should know about the potato

Mothers dared to give your child solid foods in the form of mashed potatoes, we must remember that the potatoes is an insidious product. Despite the fact that the dish is well absorbed and easily digested, enter it into the food to be very careful. The excess starch can cause constipation, but because of the high content of carbohydrates child can gain weight.

The potato peel contains solanine - a toxic substance, a very negative effect on the body. Its concentration is particularly high if the potatoes are stored for a long time, or turned green, this peel must be very carefully cleaned off. For the kid is better to choose the tubers are dense, healthy, without sprouts or green spots.

Recipe: Mashed potatoes for babies

How to cook mashed for infants kid

Peeled potatoes soak in water for one day to remove excess starch and then cook. The water is not necessary to add salt, salt, too, do not add to the finished sauce - salt can harm your baby. From the pan with a Boil potatoes, drain most of the water, knead it in the remaining broth and pour in the milk. If the puree, in your opinion, has turned watery, tolkushkoy remember it a little more - and it becomes more elastic. You can make mashed potatoes in a steamer. Potato, cut according to size into two or four pieces and place in a steamer for half an hour. If potatoes are young and not very big, you can cook it without cutting. When finished cooking, clean the potatoes peeled. This method is the most restrictive, but it should be borne in mind that it will be difficult mashed crushed to such an extent that there was no lumps. Wipe it further through a fine sieve - it is quick and easy.

Recipe: Mashed potatoes for babies

Mashed potatoes intended for infants, should be gentle and air. If you are going to feed your baby mashed potatoes for the first time, a portion should be very small. Give babies a tea spoon of mashed potatoes and observe his condition - if allergic to manifest a new dish. If all goes well, you can gradually increase the volume.