Recipe: fried dumplings

Recipe: fried dumplings
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Recipe: fried dumplings

Dumplings can not only cook, but also toast. Golden dumplings and millet in the mouth!

There are several ways dumplings frying in a pan, in multivarka or in a deep fryer.

The method №1: dumplings in the pan

For the preparation of fried dumplings in the pan should be to heat it with vegetable oil, reduce heat to low and put in oil, frozen or just stuck together pelmeni. Note that the frozen dumplings turn out harder. Then the dumplings fried until golden brown on each side. During cooking, they can be a little podsolit and pepper, add the seasonings.

Not everyone likes this way of cooking, since the dough turns into a rosy, but firm crust. It is therefore more common recipe frying dumplings with addition of water. Pour into pan 100-200 ml of water after dumplings browned on both sides (the water must close dumplings of about 0, 5 cm). Then the fire increases to a maximum. Pan can cover, though not necessarily. As the water evaporated, dumplings can be fed. If you want more zazharistosti - add a little oil, increase the heat and cook dumplings for another couple of minutes.

Recipe: fried dumplings

In this way, often cooked dumplings in China. Fried dumplings in China - one of the favorite national dishes! The most important thing - to achieve a combination of softness and zazharistosti. There will be little water - dumplings are obtained hardish. It will be a lot of water - will receive stewed.

Very tasty fried dumplings. They are soft and golden. First you need to boil the dumplings, the best to leave them slightly undercooked. Then - dipped in hot oil and fry on medium or high heat. The more oil - will be more uniform golden color. With a small amount of oil will coexist golden crust with a soft white dough - this option also has its fans.

The method №2: dumplings in a deep fryer

Simply cook the dumplings with the fryer. Just omit the frozen dumplings into the fryer and cook like french fries.

The method №3: ravioli in multivarka

Try to cook fried dumplings and multivarka. This is the easiest way - no need to follow the plate, there is no risk to overcook dumplings or turn them into charcoal.

Fried dumplings prepared in multivarka follows: Oil was poured onto the bottom, spread dumplings one layer is closed, the mode "Baking" or "Frying". After 5 minutes, the dumplings should be inverted and repeat the process.