Fruit decorations for cakes - video recipes at home

To make the cake turned out beautiful, you have to have certain skills. The young hostess, who have only recently begun to engage in baking cakes prefer fruit decorations. Indeed, this is the easiest way to make a dessert appealing, however, and it has its own nuances.

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Fruit decorations for cakes - video recipes at home

Inna Antokhina

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Garnish with fruit cake can be different methods. The choice depends on the preferences of those who will be there, the time of year and what kind of fruit used.

If it's summer, you have a huge selection of fruits and berries. It is best to use them fresh. It looks wonderful cake in the form of berry baskets. For it to fit almost any garden and wild berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, currants, blueberries. In the cold season you can take apples, grapes, kiwi, pears, plums, oranges.

Cake in the form of berry-fruit basket

How to prepare:

1. Take a sponge cake, cut it into several parts along the thickness of about 1, 5 cm. Saturate shortcakes sweet syrup.

2. Prepare a light cream based on cottage cheese or yogurt or take for layer of whipped cream. Oil creams should be avoided in combination with fruit.

3. Assemble the base of the cake.

4. Make the basket wall. To do this, fit wafer rolls, long, narrow type of chocolate KitKat or biscuits Savoiardi. Glue them vertically to the side by means of melted chocolate.

5. When do the wall baskets, secure them with beautiful ribbon to safely stuck. This tape will be an additional decoration for the cake. It is cut at the time of filing. 6. Berries pre-wash and dry.

7. Clean them from twigs and seeds and place on top of the cake. It is possible to put them in a single layer or a slide. If you use different berries, put first major, and fill gaps smaller.

8. Additionally, this cake can be decorated several mint leaves his or sprinkled with powdered sugar just before serving.

Cake-basket can be prepared not only from the berries, but also of any fruit. In this case, they must be cut and put on the cake just before serving, otherwise they weathered and lose an attractive appearance. If you need to prepare everything in advance, cover the fruit bystrozastyvayuschim special jelly for cakes. It seizes in seconds and does not spread.

How to prepare a composition of fruits

Fruit can spread the beautiful compositions, combining various flavors and colors. To do this, you can use any berries, fresh or canned fruit.

1. Large fruit cut into plates of about 5 mm and spread them as cutting, overlapping one another slice.

2. Small berries used whole or cut in half, removing the seeds.

3. Grape can remove the skin. To make it easy to clean, it is sufficient to lower the boiling water for a few seconds, then rinsed in cold water.

How to make flowers out of fruits

Also very nice on the cake flowers of fruit.

1. Beautiful roses obtained from the canned peaches.

To make them, cut the fruit into very thin slices. Take a small piece of peach as a flower core, wrap around several slices-petals. 2. Beautiful rosebuds obtained from strawberries. To do this, incise it in several places to form petals.

How to cook a jelly fruit

Compositions from fruits it is necessary to cover the jelly to fix them, and so they are not faded or lost appetizing appearance. You can cook it yourself from gelatin.

1. You will need to form the split size of cake that the mass does not leak because it is the jelly hardens very long.

2. In addition, in such cakes can not be used kiwi and pineapple, t. K. They contain an enzyme that destroys the protein, and these fruit jelly does not freeze.

3. To cakes with the compositions of the fruit is best to use a special bystrozastyvayuschee jelly, you can buy in any supermarket.

4. It is also possible to prepare a jelly agar. It is combined with any fruit and freezes much faster gelatin.

To learn how to cook a cake with grapefruit and pear, see the program "Sweet stories":

Decorating cakes with fruit, you can improvise and create, create simple or intricate compositions. The peculiarity of these cakes is that they can not be repeated. Even taking the same set of fruit, and putting them in the same sequence, each cake will turn out unique.