Paprikash: how to cook Hungarian food

Paprikash: how to cook Hungarian food
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Traveling in Hungary and tasting national dishes in the local restaurants, you will definitely get to know the delicious, hearty dish called paprikash. If it is not going to Hungary, cook paprikash at home for family and friends. This dish of white meat is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Paprikash - this is probably not the specific dish and cooking technology. Recipes paprikash - dozens, if not hundreds. After all, every chef can make something of themselves in the formulation. But some rules should always be followed.

That's what makes paprikash paprikash:


  • white meat of your choice (the main thing - lean, tender). This can be a chicken, veal, lamb, and paprika known fish;
  • cream or sour cream, which will stew the meat;
  • paprika - is extremely popular among Hungarians spice, gave the name of this dish, without paprika paprikash, of course, unthinkable.

Since paprika cooking allows many liberties, pick up the ingredients for him is not difficult. In addition, you may need foods such as onion, red bell pepper, tomato, garlic, olive oil - they come in many recipes paprikash.

The classic recipe for chicken paprikash

It should be:

chicken (better fillet) - 1 kg;

cream (or heavy cream) - 250 g;

onions - 2 pcs .;

pepper - 3 pcs .;

Garlic - 5 cloves;

chicken broth - 1 cup;

olive oil - 3 tbsp. a spoon;

Powdered paprika - 3 tbsp. a spoon;

flour - 1 tbsp. a spoon

red and black pepper - generously;

salt - to taste.

How to prepare:

  1. First you need finely chopped chicken fillet and fry it, preferably in a deep skillet.
  2. Immediately and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Putting the meat in the same oil (already with the chicken fat), brown the diced onions.
  4. Add to the skillet and cut into strips pepper.
  5. When the vegetables are browned, put the garlic and paprika directly into the oil.
  6. Pour chicken broth, bring to the boil (if not deep saucepan, dish move in the pan or kettle).
  7. Put the chicken and reduce heat.
  8. Cook until the chicken until the meat is separated from bones.
  9. Sour cream mixed with flour (so that there is no lumps) and pour into the paprikash.
  10. After that, cook the dish for another 5-10 minutes. If necessary, podsolite and doperchite.

This version of chicken paprikash without tomatoes. But during frying onions and peppers you may well add 3-4 chopped tomatoes. We get a very tasty. And the chicken broth can be replaced with a glass of tomato juice.

What file paprikash? In Hungary, this dish offers garnished with green salad and egg barley (the so-called national pasta). Preparing paprikash at home, it is possible to take any pasta that there are in the closet. Also, chicken paprikash is often served with dumplings.