Several recipes homemade beef stew

The era of deficit do meat many reserves, prepare homemade stew. Now on sale is always fresh meat, but the stock of canned food can not hurt. Stew rescue when there is no time to cook, you just open the jar, put the contents of the pan, warm and satisfying dish is ready.

Canned prepared with all kinds of meat: pork, beef, poultry, rabbit, lamb. For stew preferably fresh produce in large chunks. It is highly undesirable to use frozen meat.

The canning process is simple, you can do it in different ways.

1 method

Prepare jars (0, 5-1 liter) - wash, sterilize, put on the bottom: bay leaves, black pepper, pieces of visceral fat. Tightly tamp meat, chopped into large chunks, during quenching the volume is reduced by 40%, its salt, pepper.

In large baking pour salt, set at her prepared container and place in oven. The temperature was set at 200 ° C, after boiling product cook it for 2-2, 5 hour. Then, remove the jars, pour the hot stew with melted fat. In canned lean meats (rabbit, beef) can be poured lard. Close steamed iron lids.

Method 2

You can put out the meat first, then decomposed by the banks. To extinguish suitable tableware with thick walls, e.g., Roaster or kettle. Take the pulp, cut into pieces, to fold the kettle, fill with water 1-2 cm above the product level, place saucepan on the stove, bring to the boil. After boiling, remove the foam, add spices, 1 onion, carrot, parsley root, reduce heat. After 2-3 hours of digestion (time depends on the grade of meat) remove roots, salt and continue cooking still 1-1, 5 hour. The finished stew lay on steamed banks fill the remaining liquid iron lids close, canned flip upside down, wrap and leave to cool.

3 Way

Of rabbit and chicken stew can be cooked in a water bath.

Finely chop the meat with salt, arch seasonings to taste and leave to marinate for 30 minutes, during this time, prepare the banks. Fill them with marinated meat, close the iron lid. At the bottom of the pan put a wide piece of fabric, set the jars, pour cold water, put the dishes on the fire. When the water boils, turn down the temperature, leave the meat to languish 4-5 hours. Follow the amount of water in the pan, it should cover the shoulders of cans. Hot plug the banks, store in a cool place.

4 way to

To prepare the stew, you can use modern appliances - multivarka. Medium-sized meat pieces add up in a bowl, add seasoning, set "quenching" for 4-5 hours. The finished product is spread out on the banks roll up.