How quickly defrost fish

Terms of preparing milk fish

Milkfish milkfish or - a real

Filipino cuisine delicacy. She lives in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. This fatty fish is creamy-sweet taste. Milkfish can be fried, stuffed, baked, cook.

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In order to prepare a tasty dish of fish, it is first necessary to unfreeze the cake mix. Sometimes it needs to be done as soon as possible.

The most correct is defrosting fish in natural air. For this purpose it is necessary to pull out of the freezer, put in a deep bowl and wait until the product is completely thawed. This process can be time consuming, especially if we are talking about a big fish like pike, salmon.

During slow thawing product loses a minimum quantity of water-soluble proteins and other valuable components. That is why this type is the most preferred. But often a long wait time is not, so you have to resort to some tricks.

defrost process is much more rapid under running water. Frozen fish should be placed in a deep pan and substitute it under the faucet with cold water flowing.

The higher the water temperature the fish is thawed quickly. But when the product is defrosted at a high temperature greatly deteriorates. That is why it is not recommended to raise it above 10-15 degrees.

Modern manufacturers very often coated with frozen fish fillet and a layer of glaze. To accelerate the process of defrosting glazed fish, it is recommended to start a wash icy crust under a stream of warm water, and then to immerse the product in a container for later thawing. Get rid of a thick glaze layer can be and in other ways. For example, the semi-finished product can be kept at room temperature for 10 minutes and then glacial obstuchal surface crust knife, whereby it is easy to separate from the product itself.

Defrosted fish can also be in the microwave. To do this, remove from the surface of the icing, put on a dish, put in the oven and set the most appropriate mode, and then turn on the microwave. Mode should be selected based on the product type and its weight. To defrost occurs more uniformly, it is recommended from time to time to flip the fish.

If after thawing planned marinating fish fillets or steaks, it is possible to combine these two processes. With the semi-finished product should be washed off the icing, defrost to the point that it can be cut, if necessary, and then put in the marinade. When preparing the marinade, be aware that in the process of thawing fish fluid is released from it, so it was originally to be more concentrated.

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