Meat in French classic recipe

Meat in French classic recipe
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Meat in French classic recipe

There are many recipes for holiday dishes of meat. A classic is a favorite by many meat in French. Knowing the basic secrets of cooking, anyone can be sure that the dish will turn out delicious and fragrant.

There are many varieties of cooking meat in French. It is cooked with potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, use different types of meat - chicken, turkey, beef or pork.

in French meat classic recipe

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vegetable oil or olive oil for lubricating the baking form.

  1. A piece of meat should be washed, dry paper towel and cut into portions a thickness of about 1, 5-2 cm. It should not be cut into thin pieces of pork over, otherwise they will become quite clear after the beating, and after cooking the meat will be dryish .
  2. Each piece needed to repel with the help of culinary hammer, rub with salt and pepper and place on a greased baking dish. On top of the meat is laid layer onions, chopped large rings. Onions better not take too vigorous, it is preferable to use a gentle, even sweetish variety. If you use the burning onions, then to soften its taste before cutting should douse it with boiling water.
  3. The layers of meat and onions mayonnaise lubricated to impart juiciness dish and delicate taste. Opponents of mayonnaise when baking it may be advisable to replace this sauce with sour cream or heavy cream, and can be prepared béchamel sauce and pour over the layers of meat and onions.
  4. The final layer is laid on a coarse grater grated cheese. Choice of cheese for cooking meat in French, too, is of great importance. To create a crispy crispy to use two kinds of cheese - soft and hard. Soft cheese sauce over the expanded immediately, and with it goes into the oven dish. But strong cheese like parmesan should sprinkle the dish for 10 minutes until cooked. The amount of cheese in the dish should be such that the previous ingredients are not visible through it, just so the meat turns juicy and tender.

The classic recipe for meat in French with French

Meat in French classic recipe


When added to the potato dish, there are also some secrets:

  • potato tubers should be taken approximately the same size so that they more evenly parched;
  • If you put the first layer of potatoes, the tubers should be cut into thick slices;
  • can be laid on top of the layer of potatoes onions, then the tubers are cut into thin slices.

Prepared from French meat in the oven for about an hour at 200 degrees.

Meat in French with mushrooms


Mushrooms can take frozen or fresh mushrooms or oyster mushrooms, wild mushrooms can be used.

When you add mushrooms should listen to some advice:

  • frozen mushrooms necessarily be thawed prior to use;
  • freshly bought mushrooms can be added without first cooking;
  • wild mushrooms previously boiled in salted water;
  • any mushrooms stored in the refrigerator first, better to fry in a pan, or else they will start up the juice, meat zapechetsya and just cooked in the oven.

Mushrooms always laid on top of a layer of meat, then the recipe remains unchanged.

Many housewives are added to the classic recipe of tomatoes for a greater richness and acidity give the dish. Where tomatoes will be placed on top of the bow, before the cheese.

Meat in French dietary options

To prepare the less caloric meals can be taken not pork, and chicken or turkey.

In this case, baking time will not exceed 30 minutes.