Champagne Magic - video recipes at home

Champagne. The most severe wine region of France. Climate and chalky soil - the two main trump local winemakers. Plus, of course, assemblage, it is the art of combining different lots of wine varieties, farming and crop year. They are proficient in perfection ever since the "champagne of his father" - the legendary monk Perignon .

In fact, the old man to serve Bacchus Champagne began during the Roman Empire. But then on the champagne out of the question, the production of sparkling wines has been established only in the XVII century. By the way, if you do not want to call the French allergy, not even stutter of sparkling wine. And it is not a declaration of love to the "French champagne." Well, can not be real champagne, not French!

All produced outside the wine-growing commune of Champagne, the so-called appellasona Champagne AOC, in the best case - a sparkling wine that bears in different countries different names - kava, prosecco spumante sect, and at worst - pop, soda. Their "champagne" (champagne) and the rest of "champagne" - not just different words. This is a different world. Why? And the earth and the sun, and methods of production, and secret formulas, and traditions of consumption and prices, and myths - everything else. Nuances and subtleties - the mass. Local rules are strict: for example, only hand picking the grapes, only three grades can be used in the manufacture of - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, and at least 15 months lees aging for brut.

Alexander Kan

Mixology Bartender Brothers, chef barman restaurant "Dream", "Lounge", "Seagull" Champagne cocktails are included in the category of so-called napitkov- "revayverov", from the word "revive" - ​​"raise the dead". It is this effect have cocktails with champagne in the morning after a festive night, and so the champagne or cocktails, as part of which it is present in hotels so often included in the breakfast menu.

The history of champagne - an epic history of each wine house - saga. For example, Ruinart - the oldest house in Champagne, he founded in 1729 the family textile. They changed the business and it has paid off. Since 1743 there is a recognized industry leader - Home Moet & Chandon. A Home the Bollinger (1829) is proud to be located in the very famous town of Ai, which is considered the birthplace of champagne.

You know how to call themselves members of the Committee Interprofessionnel Champagne wines? Sellers of happiness! And their drink, they are considered the best cure for the blues. Seriously, the sale of champagne - a barometer of the country's economic health. And according to statistics of the annual consumption of this wine include French Russian one of the most attractive and fastest growing markets. Our country has entered the "Golden Club Champagne" as champagne consumption exceeded one million bottles per year.

Another poet Theophile Gautier, who lived in the XIX century, wrote in his travel notes that champagne Veuve Clicquot "rasprobovat possible only in Russia." Like, a lot of French, it can not afford, and at the table of Russian aristocrats "widow" flowing river. Moreover, they allow themselves to wallow in the precious beverage! Today in Russia, as well as with the king, the prestigious French brand disagree "with a bang". But to taste the legendary drink in his own home - a double pleasure. To visit in Champagne, frankly, not very attractive to the traveling part of France, it is necessary at least in order to permanently give up the idea, though the champagne - it is carbon dioxide, and headache the next morning. My head hurts from counterfeits, from the present - never. Learn to understand it easily - Taste, Taste and Taste again! Enjoy a game of bubbles (a process called the game "perlyazh"), tints of flavors (as exciting to recognize floral, fruity, berry, nut, grain and other shades!), Enjoy the freshness and flavor balance. Charm and gentility, sensuality and tenderness - all that comes into our house with champagne.

If you are lucky enough to travel around the famous champagne houses, to see the cellars, listen to the sommelier ("This wine is no make-up. Open, clear, fine. There is nothing superfluous,"), then you are sure to become the same judges of this drink as Winston Churchill. He was a great admirer of, but warned: "A glass of champagne excite, strengthens the nervous system, excites the imagination and activates the brain. Bottle of Champagne produces the opposite effect, ".

So be careful in the New Year's Eve! And remember the champagne - wine festival, wine, victory, wine, love, and his sin to drink without a smile!