Recipe for vegetarian potato and mushroom cutlets

If you live in rural areas, are growing potatoes, and in the summer and autumn go for mushrooms, then this dish will cost you next to nothing. Urban residents also have the opportunity to leave on the nature of the forest and collect gifts. In this case, the dish will turn out too low. Even if all this is to buy in the market or the store, spending will be moderate.

Mushrooms can be used raw, frozen, dried, even salted. The last - as a filling. Then for 3 hours before cooking, soak them in cold water and change it during this time 2-3.

cutlets with mushrooms and potatoes


700 g of potato

1 egg

1 onion


flour for deboning

500 g or 250 g of crude salt fungi

How to cook cutlets potatoes with mushrooms

  1. Washed potato peel, if it has a place of green, mercilessly cutting them up to the light pulp, remove the growth point in the club.
  2. To do this, put a knife edge to one of them, plug it into a pulp, rotate clockwise, rolled up unnecessary space.
  3. Clean the tubers, each cut into 2-4 parts. Lower kartoshinu in cold water to boil their readiness.
  4. Prepared roots suppress iron tolkushkoy. Cool to warm state, drive the egg vsypte salt mix.
  5. Raw wild mushrooms, boil for 40 minutes, then fry. Pre-sliced ​​mushrooms and pickled mushrooms fried immediately.
  6. Do this for 15 minutes. In a separate pan, bring to heat until golden brown slices of onion, mix them with the mushrooms.
  7. If you want, add salt to taste. Take a piece of potato mass, flatten into a pancake the size of a hand, put into the stuffing, Pinch edges.
  8. Dip cutlets in flour, fry in hot vegetable oil in a frying pan on both sides.

Dishes from mushrooms according to recipes from the chef. Watch the video!

cutlets potatoes with sauce of dried mushrooms


600 g of potato

1 egg

5 dried mushrooms

3 tbsp. sour cream

1 tbsp. spoon flour

1 large onions

40 g of sunflower oil


How to cook cutlets potatoes with mushroom sauce:

  1. Prepare the potatoes, as in the previous recipe. Dipping his hands in the flour have been for- from it chops (without filling), fry them in hot deep-fried in a pan on both sides, serve with gravy.
  2. To do it, white mushrooms, or other rinse in warm water and soak in two cups of cold advance, for 3-4 hours before cooking.
  3. Then you will be flushed and the water in which they were soaked, filtered through a triple layer of cheesecloth.
  4. The purified liquid you use to prepare the sauce. Put the mushrooms in the water, boil them for 25 minutes.
  5. At that time, fry the onion, cut into small pieces. In a separate pan heat the flour to light brown color.
  6. Pour into it 50 grams of water, stir, stirring vigorously. Mushrooms, remove from broth, add the mixture of flour browned, stirring occasionally.
  7. Mushrooms cut, put the bow. Stir, put the sauce, add the salt, sour cream and mix.
  8. When the weight comes to a boil, boil for a minute, remove from heat.