Thursday: zaigryshi - video recipes at home

On this day, the guys looking out for a bride, and young families with rolling hills and called relatives and friends to pancakes: "We are ready to mountain and pancakes baked - please bestow". A significant part of the traditions on Shrove Tuesday was somehow related to the theme of family relations: this week celebrated the newlyweds, married in the past year. Young wife pays a visit to anyone who walked in their wedding. But the villagers were subjected to various tests: when the young riding in a sleigh through the village, they were stopped and threw the old bast shoes or straw, and sometimes arranged them "Tselovalnyk" - came to the house of the young and young kissing. Honeymooners rolled through the village in a painted sleigh, but if it turns out bad for food, could not ride newlyweds in a sleigh, and on the hog. Shrovetide took place also in the mutual visits of the two newly intermarried families.

Traditional Pancake. Watch the video! RECIPE crepes

2 cups flour

3 cups of milk (or water)

2 eggs

1/2 teaspoon butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon sugar

50 grams of vegetable oil

  1. The eggs, salt, sugar, butter (softened) grind spoon diluted with warm milk.
  2. The resulting mixture was slowly add flour (pre-sifted). Stir constantly to avoid lumps formed. The dough should have a liquid.
  3. Pour batter ladle (or a special scoop) on a well-heated pan, greased with vegetable oil. Pouring the batter, it is necessary to shake the pan so that it spilled on her smooth and thin layer.

By the way: Pancakes can fry on one side (if they are to do with filling) or both. Before frying each pancake grease the pan with oil.