Tuesday: Gourmet - video recipes at home

Tuesday: Gourmet - video recipes at home Tuesday: Gourmet - video recipes at home

In this day-in-law had come "to his mother on pancakes." most

main delicacy on Shrove Tuesday - Pancake pie!

Environment at the Pancake week called "gourmand". In this day-in-law came to "to his mother on pancakes".

Pancakes with fruit from the famous confectioner Alexander Seleznev. See videoretsept!

Mother-in-law arranged zyatyam feast. It was believed that the Pancake, and especially on the "gourmet", you need to eat as much as you like, or, as they say, "how many times the dog wag its tail."

Tuesday: Gourmet - video recipes at home

By the pancakes should submit all kinds of cheese, milk, sour cream and butter. Load up for the future, the whole post! What pancakes - the pride of Russian national cuisine is not necessary to explain to anybody. No wonder guests name on the pancakes. Now somehow it all was forgotten! It is the "gourmet" cook worth a true feast Shrovetide: pancake pie. And pancakes this recipe can be done every day. They are baked very quickly!

The most delicious sweet pancakes for loved ones. Watch the video!

Recipe Pancake pie

150 g flour

200ml milk

100 ml of carbonated mineral water

2 eggs

1 h. L. Sahara

Salt is not used if you make a pie or just a little. For the filling:

100 g of brackish thin slices of salmon, trout or salmon

Fillet an entire small herring or half a large

Herring roe (if there is herring)

4 small pickled gherkin

2 eggs

Or a bunch of green chives

2-3 sprigs of dill

4-6 Art. l. 15% of sour cream or mayonnaise

1-2 eggs to decorate and dill or 2-3 tbsp. l. red caviar

How to prepare:

  1. Eggs shake whisk with sugar.
  2. In the sifted flour add eggs and stir to avoid lumps. Slowly pour in the warm milk and stir thoroughly. Then, add mineral water.
  3. Set aside an hour for a bowl proofing.
  4. turns 12 pancakes. When baking, because there is no oil in the test, the pan is required to lubricate the oil before baking each pancake.


  1. Eggs cook.
  2. Green onion pickles, dill and chopped eggs.
  3. Mix eggs, cucumbers, dill and onion.
  4. sour cream or mayonnaise.
  5. herring and fish is also cut. Put in different bowls.

cake Assembling

  1. Put the first attempt.
  2. At first lay out the filling: eggs, cucumbers, dill and onion with sour cream.
  3. Put the second pancake.
  4. Put the filling: chopped herring.
  5. Put the third pancake.
  6. Put the filling: eggs, cucumbers, dill and onion with sour cream.
  7. Put fourth pancake.
  8. Put the filling: chopped salmon.
  9. Continue to spread the pancakes and toppings, until the cake is ready.
  10. Top lubricate with a thin layer of sour cream or melted butter, sprinkle with dill and crumbled egg. Yolk can also be cut into slices and put on a dill. At the request to decorate eggs.

WAY herring must first soaked in milk for at least 12 hours. Grease the pan can be silicone brush, if not, then half a raw potato. Half chop on a fork and dip it in a bowl with the oil, and then grease the pan. Lots of toppings in a cake to put it is not necessary. Try to distribute it evenly and lay on the edges, otherwise the cake will be uneven. Spread the stuffing to try to warm pancakes - cake will be juicier and better saturated. Leave for 2 hours.