Brownie recipe "potato" of cookies - video recipes at home

The traditional "Potato"


800 g of any shortcake

one can of condensed milk

a bag of vanilla sugar

several spoons cocoa powder



butter pack

for flavor and taste teaspoon of wine or liquor. You can replace syrup

How to cook the traditional "Potatoes":

  1. Start Cooking cake with components of the preparation. Melt butter over low heat and pour into a separate container.
  2. The nuts and cookies carefully grind. Can use walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other varieties at your convenience.
  3. In one tank, connect the condensed milk, chopped nuts, cookies, melted butter, vanilla sugar and a few teaspoons of cocoa.
  4. All components mix thoroughly. Finished weight should have the consistency of thick dough. When the mixture turned liquid, then to impart density can put it on for 20-30 minutes in a refrigerator.
  5. From the test roll oblong patties or small balls. Form in this case does not matter, so you can express their imagination and cook a cake in the form of any of the figures.
  6. Finished products carefully roll in sugar or coconut. It is possible to further decorate treat whole or chopped nuts, glaze in the form of beads or other sweet components.
  7. Finished cakes on a plate and put it on for a while in the fridge. Please note that the store refreshments in a cool place. So pastries retain their shape and do not change the taste.

If you do not have enough ingredients, but really want to please the household favorite treat, you can use a different recipe for preparing the cake "Potato".

Cake "Pecan" Prescription Alexander Seleznev. Watch the video!

Simplified "Potato"


Cookies 700-800 g

one can of condensed milk

butter pack

How to prepare a simplified "Potatoes":

  1. butter melt to fluid consistency, and cookies grind in a blender. Connect the components with condensed milk and knead a stiff dough.
  2. for 20-30 minutes cool the workpiece in the refrigerator and begin to form beads. As the breading can be used not only sugar, but also crushed chocolate or cocoa.

In the process of preparation of the cake "Potato", you can also spend some culinary experiments and make their own additions. For example, try using coconut is not as breading, and add it to the dough during kneading.

To cakes do not stick to each other, use special paper towels for muffins or cupcakes. They can be replaced with an ordinary parchment paper for baking. Simply cut out of her small squares or circles, and place them on a sweet treat.