Fried potatoes in Aerogrill

Creating dishes Aerogrill considered from the perspective of a healthy diet one of the most desirable ways to heat treatment of food. Here dishes are obtained less calories than, for example, when frying. Actual is beloved by many and potatoes.

All the secrets of the potato. Watch the video!

If roasted it can not be used (for example, due to the scheduled medical strict diet), but I'd like to, it is necessary to cook it is in Aerogrill. to taste the dish will come out something in between fried and baked potatoes, crust but it will be very rosy - this in a frying pan is not always possible to achieve.

Since active measures are required at a minimum, the creation of such dishes would be possible even for those who have very little culinary experience. Fried potatoes, in the case of preparing it in Aerogrill incredibly hard to mess up. However, this does not mean that there is no need to take into account certain nuances due to the above properties of root and instrument in which it will be subjected to heat treatment.

How to cook the fries in Aerogrill

  1. First you need to prepare the potatoes. It need 7-8 medium size pieces. Root vegetables should be cleaned, rinsed, and then give completely dry.
  2. When this happens, it should be cut. How exactly - a matter of taste. You can even cut along the quarters - then get some sort of dish "potato in a rural way."
  3. The cut tubers need to be folded into a bowl and infuse for half an hour. Juice that is drained, should be poured from them.
  4. After that, it is necessary to mix the potatoes with spices. It is possible to use the finished mixture or alone make it from chili, salt, turmeric, coriander garlic (passing it through a dedicated pre-press), and other spices. Here it goes, and a spoon or two of olive oil (or other vegetable).
  5. Sometimes experienced cooks are advised to pre-marinate the potatoes in the oil mixture of spices. In this case, vegetable oil need about three tablespoons.
  6. If you want, you can replace it with mayonnaise, but then there is pudding will not be as healthy, though, if only because of its calorie increase. Keep sliced ​​potatoes marinated should be about a quarter of an hour.
  7. Some of the concerns about their own health care tend to replace salt in various dishes the other ingredients, eg soy sauce. However, in the case of this dish such substitution will lead to failure of the cooking. Soy sauce will not give potatoes propechsya, and he will actually raw. If you still want to use just such a salt substitute, it must be added to the dish is actually at the end of cooking, when the root is soft.
  8. Before laying potatoes into aerogrill not a sin a little heated. For this purpose it is necessary to set the temperature at 200 ° C, and the rotational speed - on average.
  9. After 5 minutes must be put on top grating potatoes (in which case the cup stands down substitute container of water) or on the bottom, the pre prosteliv foil.
  10. Roasts potatoes for about 35 minutes at 200-260 ° C. Selection of specific temperature values ​​relate to the dimensions of the lobes chopped root.
  11. Serve potatoes stands or as a garnish for fish or meat dishes, either on their own with various salads or simply with fresh vegetables.
  12. can sprinkle chopped herbs When serving dish.