Pancakes: 8 recipes for all tastes - video recipes at home

Pancakes - is another dish that can be prepared in a variety of their products. Virtually all, if you know a lot of recipes. It is equally important to know the secrets of cooking. For example, if you are cooking potato pancakes, remember the 4 simple rules to follow which will significantly improve the appearance and taste of the finished dish:

1. Do not let the dough stand:, it will darken and spoil the appearance of potato pancakes.

2. Do not put in the flour pancakes, spoiled taste. They will be more dense rubber. In a pinch, you can add a spoonful of starch without slides, but it is better to do without him.

3. Properly heat the pan, otherwise the pancakes will absorb a lot of oil, significantly spoil the taste.

4. Serve the pancakes with sour cream, milk, butter.

"Apple-pumpkin pancakes with coconut and lemon peel '- to Motrya video! ..

RECIPE "rice fritters"

Making pancakes is incredibly easy and convenient if you are on the eve of boiled milky rice pudding: usually a part of it remains, and eat up no one wants. Rice fritters

RECIPE "Swedish pancakes with blueberries"

Kto summer stocked blueberries, one can open the freezer and use safely ee. You can pamper yourself and home these amazing pancakes - air, fragrant, slightly crispy on the edges ...

The Swedish pancakes with blueberries

recipe "potato pancakes"

Potato pancakes, potato pancakes, or - one of the national Ukrainian dishes. They served hot, with bacon and onions.

Potato pancakes, potato pancakes or


The mood is a simple dish is especially good for breakfast in winter.

Pancakes vegetable carrot and zucchini

Recipe "Chicken fritters with zucchini"

This is not the burgers, not meatballs, croquettes not, namely pancakes - after "dough" is laid out in a pan with a spoon! The result is something extraordinarily tasty and easy. The sauce can be made to them with sour cream and yogurt can be and so it will be easier.

Chicken fritters with zucchini and yogurt sauce with arugula RECIPE "Rest of asparagus"

About rösti not have a lot to say, many of you know - is the Swiss national dish, pancakes of grated potatoes. Well, in this recipe - the addition of a small asparagus and slices of smoked salmon.

Resto asparagus

RECIPE "Belarusian potato pancakes"

Pancakes - a potato pancake. Everyone is preparing them differently, however the classic recipe is always competition.

Belarusian potato pancakes

RECIPE "fritters of zucchini with mozzarella"

Quick and easy recipe zucchini with a successful addition of gentle cheese: Get the first time! To squash need to add a little potato and garlic and finished muffin pave "mozzarella" cheese.

Fritters of zucchini with "Mozzarella"