How to cook a tasty jerky - video recipes at home

How to cook a tasty jerky - video recipes at home
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Cured meat, cut into slices or strips of translucent - a real treat for the gourmet. His love for many reasons. This deli meats do not contain preservatives, except salt, stored for a long time, it can take on the road or on a picnic, without fear that it will deteriorate. In addition, prepare a delicious and flavorful jerky can be their own hands.

Drying - is one of the oldest methods of preserving perishables. At home, you can jerk not only meat but also fish. Despite the fact that the preparation of the meat dishes - a long and laborious process, it is worth it, since the meat turns out very tasty.

Classical jerky made from good beef tenderloin, with often takes an average margin, although it is possible to use any other. The main thing that was a piece of three-dimensional, since the meat by drying greatly shrinks and loses half of the original weight due to evaporation of all liquid from it. And if you take a piece of a thin cutting edge, a delicacy out very small.

The recipe of dried meat

It should be:

Coarse salt;

ground black pepper; spices: coriander, cumin, thyme, "hops-suneli" to choose from;

chili powder;

dry garlic powder;


How to prepare:

  1. first meat thoroughly rinsed under running water, then purified from the film and veins. Do it comfortably on a cutting board. After preparatory work beef tenderloin cut into several pieces not too small to it was easier to work.
  2. saline preparing the next step. Per liter of water leaves approximately 400-500 grams of salt. Pan with water is placed on the gas, which is activated at maximum power. Once the water boils, salt is poured into a container, and the fire decreases, then all mixed thoroughly until the salt is completely dissolved. Thereafter, the pan is removed from the gas is removed to the side. Saline before placing the meat to cool down to room temperature it.
  3. Once saline has cooled, it pieces of meat are laid so that water is able to cover them completely. Capacity is covered with beef plate, the diameter of which must coincide with the circumference of the pan, or pressed down with two forks. Thereafter saline ingredient meat is placed in a refrigerator for at least two days.
  4. After 48 hours, the pan from the refrigerator, and then of her carefully laid out the beef, which all of the liquid has to drain. To do this takes three cutting boards. On one of them it is necessary to lay out the meat, and the second to cover it. That the water drains, under the first board placed third. When the structure is ready, it is set on top of a kind of press in which can be used as a water-filled container. In this state, the future delicacy removed in a cool place for 8-10 hours.
  5. After the allotted time on the tray are poured all the spices and mix thoroughly, and then laid on top of them pieces of beef, which is necessary to roll in a mixture of spices from all sides. Now you need to make a loop in the meat. To do this, the tip of flesh meat is pierced with a needle and thread is done with the help of a loop. Thereafter, each piece is wrapped in gauze, which for a snug fit is fixed thread.
  6. As such, the meat is hung in ventilated room vyalitsya 2 weeks. Once the meat is ready, it is freed from gauze and thread, thinly sliced ​​and served to the table.