Recipe casseroles of macaroni and cheese

Recipe casseroles of macaroni and cheese
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Recipe casseroles of macaroni and cheese

Baked pasta - this is probably the most common recipe casserole. The dish will be a great breakfast, suitable for lunch and even for dinner. It requires a minimum of cost, but delivers maximum pleasure.

Casserole very good housewives helps, especially when you need to quickly get together to work and at the same time a hearty and tasty to feed the family. To do this, you need to prepare the ingredients, or take what was lost in the refrigerator, and send it in the oven or microwave.

Variants of this dish can be different. The most popular is a casserole of macaroni. The Italians called it lasagna and used for its preparation of special pasta.

Recipe casseroles of macaroni and cheese

The dish turns out very tasty. It conquers gourmets his tenderness and delicious cheese crust.

It should be:

200g macaroni, 300 g of cheese, 3 tbsp. l. flour, 600 ml of milk, 40 g of butter, 2 carrots, salt / pepper - to taste.

How to prepare:

In a skillet is necessary to mix the flour, milk, butter, salt and pepper. The resulting mixture should be put on medium heat and, stirring constantly, until thickened keep. Then it is necessary to salt water to boil the pasta until half and fold them into a colander. Cheese and carrots need to grind using a coarse grater. Cheese is divided into three equal parts, one of them to add to the sauce. Then mix the pasta with carrots and gravy. Half of the resulting mixture put in a greased form, sprinkle grated cheese (1/3). Then another layer of macaroni and cheese layer. Form should be cover with foil and put in 25 minutes in the oven. After that, the foil can be removed and bake for another 40 minutes, until a cheese crust. How can diversify a casserole of macaroni?

Although the dish and mundane, you can unleash the imagination and try to add the mushrooms, any vegetables, fish, meat, sausage or ham leftovers. The main thing to remember that the casserole will only if it "keeps" the basic taste. In this case, the taste of pasta. Everything else - the only additive, and it should be a little bit.

Apple-rice casserole Prescription Alexander Seleznev. Watch the video! ..

For casseroles are perfect for those products that are left over from yesterday's dinner.

For example, pasta and boiled chicken breast.

The recipe casserole of pasta and boiled chicken breast


How to prepare:

  1. On a heated pan pour olive oil and put the finely threaded pieces of chicken breast and onions. All fried until golden brown.
  2. The form, which will be baked dish, you need to be oiled and put in her pasta. Can be all at once, can be half, it all depends on how many layers will be in the casserole.
  3. If you have time, you can spend time and make 4 layers, alternating the pasta and chicken with onions. If not - put all the pasta at once, and they onion and chicken layer.
  4. Then, in the bowl must whip 3 eggs, add 100-150 g of cream (cream) and 50-70 ml of milk. Still time to mix, salt and pepper.
  5. Then the resulting mass should be added 100 g of crushed coarsely grated cheese.
  6. The resulting sauce to pour the pasta with chicken and place in preheated oven.
  7. casserole will be ready in 30 minutes.
  8. It is possible to pull out and cool, cut into portions.
  9. This recipe is a good idea for those who are looking for something quick and tasty.