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A collection of recipes with apples: pies, sandwiches, strudel, dumplings, crumble - a lot of ideas for the apple harvest.

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In the old days there was no glass and enamelware, so apples soaked in wooden casks or tubs. And, as a rule, chosen oak container. It apples were produced unusually tasty and fragrant, and kept longer than in containers made of other materials. Therefore, having decided to prepare pickled apples in the winter, first purchase oak barrels. The good thing, today there are many companies that implement such goods.

The next step - to choose apples correctly. It is best suited for winter preform late varieties, for example, anise, Titovka, Pippin, antonovka. The fruit must be ripe, but remain firm. For urinating should not take fruit with wormholes and other damage, otherwise they can spoil everything.

Recipe pickled apples from time immemorial there was a great variety. Winter preform made with various herbs, spices, food. Fruits soaked in kvass, honey, cabbage, mustard, berry.

The easiest way - to soak the apples with leaves of fruit trees.

How to prepare:

  1. The bottom of the vats or barrels Cover the thick layer of leaves of raspberry, blackcurrant or cherry.
  2. Next, tightly packed in a container apple fruit stem rows up.
  3. In this case, each row perestilali leaves.
  4. Prepare a water - boil it 2-3 times, add a small amount of herbs tarragon and let cool.
  5. Then the salt - per 3 liters of water 1 tablespoon of salt, and strain.
  6. Now pour the brine will get apples, so that all the fruits were in the water.
  7. Leave them for a week at room temperature.
  8. From time to time, the brine must be topped up, since Apple will absorb the liquid.
  9. Then press down fruit wooden circle with a yoke and move the barrel in a cold room, for example, in the cellar or basement. A month later, with the dishes, you can record a sample.

Another recipe by which apples turn out not less tasty - urinating in kvass.

To begin, prepare rye kvass:

  1. Knead the dough of 1 kg of crushed rye malt, 3 liters of hot water and 600 g flour.
  2. Cover with a cloth and let stand for about an hour.
  3. Then shift the dough in the pot, cover and put in a hot oven for 6 hours
  4. evaporated in the dough, add a little boiling water and stir until smooth and leave for a day.
  5. After this shift all in a large container, add about 600 g of crushed rye bread and fill 16 liters of hot water.
  6. After 10 hours when the dregs settle, carefully pour the liquid in wooden cask, of not less than 30 liters.
  7. Hushcha second fill 15 liters of water. 3 hours later the infusion pour into the barrel.
  8. Day next brew should be kept warm, and then move to a cool place. When the drink ferment, add 1 kg of molasses and zakuporte wooden barrel sleeve.

After 4 days, when the brew is ready, you can start to pickled apples in it:

  1. Cover the bottom of oak leaves of fruit trees and dill.
  2. Then the series lay ripe fruit, each row overlapping leaves and dill.
  3. In the brew add salt (as in the first recipe -.. 1 tbsp 3 l water) and fill them fruit.
  4. On top, place a wooden circle with drilled holes and bends. From time to time, top up the brew, so that the fruits were always in the brine.
  5. After 5 days, remove the keg in a cool place. After 6-7 weeks, you can feast on apples soaked in kvass.