How to cook the cauliflower from the freezer - video recipes at home

How to cook the cauliflower from the freezer - video recipes at home
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How to cook the cauliflower from the freezer - video recipes at home

Cauliflower, perhaps, among the most popular vegetables that can be stored frozen for a long time. It is delicious, have dietary properties, easy and quick to prepare. Inflorescence vegetables can be eaten by children and people who ate on a special diet.

Ability to cook cauliflower always come in handy in life. Cooked mashed cabbage is perfect for feeding your baby and a full meal, and older members of the family can surprise sweet creamy casserole of cabbage or spicy batter.

In the shops you can often see a frozen cabbage in packaging that is easy to prepare in just a few minutes. The producers warn consumers that vegetable defrosted not recommended, otherwise you will lose all its useful qualities. Indeed, the purchase cabbage is desirable to prepare as soon as it is taken out of the freezer. But if you grow cauliflower in your garden, then periodically freeze, then a vegetable it is possible to expose the pre-defrost.

First you need to put the cabbage in a container for cooking in a microwave oven and thawed for 30 seconds. At the same time you can put water on the fire and bring to a boil, then pour into the pan frozen buds. Hold cabbage in boiling water followed by 3 minutes, no more. Thereafter, it is possible to send under cold water. If you are still experiencing that sprouts during defrosting in a microwave oven lose their properties, it can be thawed at room temperature, or lowered into cool water.

To prepare the puree for the baby, you need to take 200 grams of frozen cauliflower and put into boiling water and cook until tender vegetables. The finished product should beat in a blender or pass through the sieve.

Dishes of cabbage are low-calorie, cook them quickly and easily. If you want to surprise your household, you can use a simple recipe for cauliflower in cream sauce.

Cauliflower in cream sauce

Page Ingredients:

450 g frozen cauliflower

120 grams of cheese, "Russian"

salt to taste

1 h. Spoon vegetable oil for lubrication form

delicate cream sauce

50 g butter

1/4 cup flour

320 ml of milk

turmeric to taste


How to cook cauliflower in cream sauce:

  1. must boil cabbage in boiling salted water for 3 minutes, then drained and allowed to cool to leave.
  2. In a hot frying pan with a thick bottom is necessary to pour the butter and add the flour. When the meal will be brown, pour the warm milk, reduce heat to low and cook until thick mass.
  3. Next, add grated on a coarse grater cheese and stir until uniform distribution of weight.
  4. In the sauce you need to add salt and turmeric to taste. Lubricate the form of butter, place florets and pour prepared sauce.
  5. From above can be uniformly fill the dish with grated cheese. Form put in a preheated 170 ° C oven bake dish until inviting crust, approximately 30-40 minutes.

Cauliflower in multivarka


400 g of cabbage

1 egg

semolina 2 tbsp. spoons

salt and butter

How to cook cauliflower in multivarka:

  1. Thaw cabbage above described method. Mix the eggs and salt whisk well and pour the mixture to vegetables, gently roll in semolina and place into a cup.
  2. Cooking need 10 minutes to baking time or roasting without a lid, do not forget to stir occasionally.