10 autumn desserts with apples - video recipes at home

Apple Pie "Tarte aux pommes"

Apple pie recipe is not considered, and one of those that is considered to be "French", namely Tarte aux pommes, too, almost in every village its own. But all of Tartu, not only the apple, one common feature: a thin crispy base of sand (sometimes flaky) test, and bake them in a special low form with a wavy rim.

Apple sandwiches

The idea of ​​these sandwiches inspired by classic Italian dishes for a snack: "mozzarella in carrozza", fried mozzarella sandwiches, tasty and nutritious. But salty. A sweet, fresh? .. came across an apple, red, juicy and crunchy, a hair's breadth as Belosnezhkino. Somehow immediately remembered the toasts that are fried for breakfast. It turned out surprisingly tasty!

The classic apple pie

Charlotte recipe there are a million. Many of them are original, sometimes even scary to cook. Sometimes it seems that the apple pie baked with anything and out of anything - eggplant, bread, crackers, cheese, potatoes ... After these recipes with a special tenderness think of classic apple pie without the stale bread and bread crumbs. Cooking it is very simple - as such that the cake did not succeed, did not happen! Food apple - tested recipes . Watch the video! ..

Galushki apple and curd

Galushki - a pieces of dough, boiled in water or milk. Make them out of flour, if desired, by adding cheese. Dumplings can also make apple, to intervene in the dough fresh apples.

Apple strudel

This is a favorite treat of all and asks the menu. The recipe for the first time easily conquer Food and generously proportioned. The filling can be varied - apples, cherries ...

apple pie shtreyzelem

Simple cake, you apply it with vanilla sauce, transformed into an elegant dessert. Shtreyzel - is a special sweet crumb topping for the cake, which is prepared separately.

Family apple pie

Every family has their favorite dishes, which settled down once and for all. They are preparing for every family occasion and for any occasion. Crowned by a family feast is always a sweet pie or cake. With the cake is usually necessary to tinker, but this pie is done quickly, and all he was always welcome.

The Austrian apple strudel

This dessert - the card of the Austrian confectionary art. Still strudel - it's not just another sweet dessert. Original recipe, as is commonly believed, kept in the Vienna City Library. But with half a dozen East European countries take credit for its authorship.

apple-pear cake with nuts

Maximum and minimum calorie fruits: apple-pear tart for Italian recipe.

apple crisp

crumble - is an English dish, which has much in common with the famous English pudding. When preparing the dessert "apple crisp" fruit filling is connected with shortcrust pastry. Serve can crumble with sour cream or vanilla ice cream.