Frozen squid: how to cook and how much?

Frozen squid: how to cook and how much?
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The squid are well suited for salads and soups, as well as for fire, frying and cooking. They have an unusually delicate taste and aroma, but only if prepared in compliance with certain recommendations. Otherwise, the squid will be "rubber".

In the Russian market, this seafood is represented mainly in the frozen and canned form. Chilled squid - a great rarity. Some unscrupulous sellers sometimes under the guise of the cooled product issue defrosted.

To get a tasty squid, they must choose correctly. They should be high quality frozen. Defrosted carcass, that is subjected to defrosting followed by freezing, will taste bitter and betrayed to spread during cooking.

To understand whether the product was thawed, it can be in appearance. Choosing frozen squid, pay attention to the fact that they are not sticky and is easily separated from each other. Matted one lumpy carcass say that they improperly stored, that is thawed, even many times possible. Color film that covers the squid may have a different shade from grayish pink to purple. In this case, the color of the meat quality of the product can only be white. If it is a different color, it means that the squid were subjected to defrosting. That is why their meat is finally painted in the color of the shell.


  1. Many people consider cleaning squid on film unpleasant and troublesome task, but it's not as if the right approach to this case.
  2. To quickly remove the carcass from the film, place the frozen squid in a deep container and fill with boiling water.
  3. After 1-2 minutes of almost all film with squid will fold itself will move away from meat. After 2 minutes, pour boiling water and remove the remains of squid under running water film.
  4. When the fingers, remove the insides and backbone. Only after that seafood is ready for further cooking.

The easiest way to prepare frozen squid - cooking. The fatal mistake made by many is that they digest squid. For this reason, their meat becomes tough and tasteless. Frozen squid you must boil at least three minutes or more than an hour. After 30 minutes of cooking the meat becomes tender and soft again, but it is quite lose in volume and weight.

  1. In order to properly boil frozen squid, boil in a saucepan 2 liters of water, add to taste Salt and pepper and bay leaf.
  2. With the latter do not overdo it, otherwise the meat will become bitter seafood. Let the water boil for a little spice, literally 5 minutes.
  3. After that lower the defrosted and cleaned carcasses, one in boiling water.

In this boiling seafood, there is one secret: the lower one squid in boiling water, count to ten and pull it out, then let the water boil again, and only then lower the other carcass. Cooked squid are obtained in this way is incredibly soft, tender and tasty.

Boiled squid can be safely eaten as a separate dish, generously watering them any white sauce. Fairly widespread use of meat found in seafood dishes of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.