It is a rice dish originally from Italy. Risi-Bisi (or RISI-BISI) is prepared in the Veneto region, near Venice. In Italian is written as Risi e bisi and is, in fact, a type of risotto cooked with a delicious green peas.


How to cook risotto Risi-Bisi

Rice boil until tender in salted water with the addition of vegetable oil.

Peas if fresh, simmer in a small amount of water until tender. You can also use canned peas and / or corn. If you use canned products, simply drained from the jars of juice. Then, mix boiled rice with peas dressed with salt, pepper and spices.

When a table is recommended sprinkle with finely chopped dill. Risi-Bisi fed to poultry, ham, fish.

This risotto can be used as a separate dish, and hot and cold.

The recipe of this rice dishes for 4 portions and comprises:

cerebral peas - 500 g, rice - 400 g of vegetable oil - 20 g, salt, pepper, spices.