A simple snack on Halloween: "Red-eyed Vampire" (with photos)

This very simple and "terrible" snack for Halloween, called "Red Eye Vampire" can be made from cooked carrots or baked in the oven pumpkin. Both options are cooking will not only be very useful vitamin and health, but also to decorate your holiday table, adding he paints brightness.

On what variant to stop snacks or cook just two - you decide.

In addition to carrots or squash, we also need: cream cheese or mayonnaise and olives pitted.

Prepare this "scary" Halloween snack is very simple.

Of boiled carrots or baked pumpkin cut into pieces of the same cylinder. First cut the pumpkin into wedges, and then a glass cut out circles.

A simple snack on Halloween: A simple snack on Halloween:

Processed cheese cut into strips of a width of 0, 5 cm, and of them can be also a glass, but smaller than the diameter of a carrot / pumpkin, too, cut into circles or presses.

A simple snack on Halloween:

Put them on the carrot / pumpkin. Instead of processed cheese can be used mayonnaise, and can be made and a cold appetizer of cheese and garlic, eggs and mayonnaise.

Take the olives,

cut into pieces

and put in the middle of a white layer.

Our "Red vampire eyes" - ready. We can carry on the festive table for Halloween.

As you can see, a snack really is very simple, but the field for the imagination - wide.

We turn next to the recipe of the "terrible" dishes for Halloween.

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