Homemade cakes, recipes with photos: breads, cakes, cookies, pies - delicious, fast, simple,

Recipes, traditions and customs of home baking peoples of our planet, diverse, delicious and unique as immense and multilingual our planet. If skillful hostess, it all turns out tasty and fast, even if it is not very easy recipes.

It would seem, why in our time to spend precious time on the baking of bread, cakes, pies, cookies, cakes ... when their life is so short-lived: baked - and ate, and all that your heart desires, you can buy in the store. Still, modern housewife raising family home recipes of grandmothers and great-grandmothers ... and bake, bake, bake. Yeast dough, fresh, flaky and sand. Bread and cakes, donuts and cheesecake, cakes, muffins and cookies, crepes and pancakes ... homemade cakes, probably because so loved by all, that at all times is not simply tasty and nourishing food, but also a symbol of warm meetings with relatives, heart communication with friends. Without sweet pastries does not do any holiday menu, buffet, New Year, especially for Christmas and Pascu. Like any art in delicious baking at home secrets and innumerable recipes. Some of these recipes and secrets we put here, with photos and video.