How to cook buckwheat or kasha prepare for garnish - a recipe of delicious crumbly porridge without cooking, c photo

It would seem that such a simple task - cook buckwheat, but many question immediately arises from inexperienced hostess: how to cook the buckwheat on the water for garnish how to cook buckwheat porridge tasty, how to cook it crumbly, much to cook, what right proportions, can you cook without cooking, whether it's just I handle ???

See how many questions. And so, proceed! How to cook the buckwheat on the water without boiling, to get a tasty porridge and maximum safety of all nutrients.

What proportion of buckwheat and water? We need to take 1:.. 2, ie, for example, for one cup of buckwheat take two of the same cup of water.

How to cook buckwheat or kasha prepare for garnish - a recipe of delicious crumbly porridge without cooking, c photo

Start with the fact that before you begin cooking, cereals need to sort, wash in cold water, discard in a fine sieve.

The desired amount of water is poured into the pan and give boil. When the water boils, add the washed buckwheat and wait for the contents of the saucepan boils.

But you can do, and vice versa: Pour the boiled water into the teapot position in the pot of buckwheat, put on fire and give a boil.

Now add salt, a piece of butter, remove the pot of porridge from the heat and set aside in a warm place or just leave on the plate. After 30-40 minutes of cooking is completed by itself. During this time, buckwheat swells, becomes crumbly, delicious, retain all their nutrients and, I'm sure that will satisfy even your child. Now, cooked in water without cooking porridge to be served as a side dish, there are just so loose with butter, or milk. Yes, salt and oil to taste, you can take, but I recommend to really cook buckwheat crumbly and delicious take all the right prescription:

to 1 cup of buckwheat groats - 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 50-70 grams of butter.

This is the answer to the question: How to cook buckwheat? As you can see, you can not cook at all, but simply pour boiling water and set aside for swelling. cooking time, buckwheat, essentially reduced to zero! This is such an amazing grits that it can even cover with cold water, and it will still swell and it will be very tasty and, most importantly, more useful. However, if you want to prepare it in such a "cool" way, without cooking, it is best to pour water in the evening. Then in the morning you will have a ready-made breakfast. Or, if you flood the morning, then came home from work, ready to find dinner. By the way, many people like the buckwheat with yogurt, but that's another recipe.

I also want to provide answers to frequently asked questions:

Do washed buckwheat after cooking?

The answer is no, the procedure in this case is not necessary.

When salt when cooking buckwheat?

A: salt buckwheat necessary before removing from heat. Moreover, better use of marine salt, then porridge get more delicious and healthy. Do I need to and why roast before cooking buckwheat?

A: fried grits to the result porridge turned loose with a more pronounced flavor. But, in my opinion, it is not necessary to do so. To. The cooked this recipe for buckwheat and so it turns out useful, tasty and crumbly, and any heat treatment of products should be minimized.

Bon appetit to all and I hope that now the question of how much and how to cook buckwheat as a garnish on the water without boiling - you can always give the right answer!