New Year's salad "Monkey" - a new, simple and tasty salad on the new 2016 - preparation and decoration, a step by step recipe with photos.

According to tradition, usually, every woman is preparing for New Year's feast a couple of light and delicious salads. But in this festive night Christmas mood and atmosphere in many respects depends on the serving dishes. Try in my simple step by step recipe to prepare for the upcoming New, 2016 was not only delicious, but also original, designed in the form of the hostess of the coming year, a layered salad of available products.

According to the recipe, salad "Monkey" are:

• pickled cucumbers - 4 pcs. (Small);

• boiled chicken meat - 200 grams;

• canned green peas - 150 g;

• boiled potatoes - 4 pcs. (Middle);

• Boiled carrots - 4-5 pcs .;

• boiled eggs - 4 pcs .;

• mayonnaise - 200 g .;

• boiled sausage (for registration of lettuce) - 50 grams.

New Year's salad

How to make a salad in the form of a monkey

Many people probably noticed that the products in my salad selected are the same as for the salad "Olivier". But, in contrast to the traditional feeding dishes, I decided to each of the salad ingredients grate and spread layers.

New Year's salad

So, salads start with the fact that the loan preparation of its components.

Boil the potatoes, eggs and carrots in a separate saucepan and brush those vegetables that need to be cleaned. Rub with boiled potatoes and carrots on a coarse grater.

The boiled eggs separate the protein from the yolk and then rub in separate containers in a fine grater.

Boiled chicken breast cut into long thin strips.

You can not cut and tear the meat along the longitudinal fibers hands.

Pickles need to cut thin, not too long straws.

When the ingredients we have prepared, you are ready to assemble the salad and design.

To do this, on a flat dish of medium size, try to put the salad layers so that the form was like a monkey's face, as in the photo. Each lettuce recoat layer need a thin layer of mayonnaise. If fat salad do not like the grease in just one layer.

New Year's salad

The sequence of layers I have this:

1. Potatoes;

2. chicken;

3. pickled cucumber;

4. green peas;

5. carrots;

6. boiled eggs.

As I spread layers visible on the step by step photos.

New Year's salad New Year's salad New Year's salad

Note! In the photo you can see how I lay eggs: proteins at the bottom and the yolks in the top of the dish. Thus, it has turned a kind of animal faces. And remember to lubricate mayonnaise layers, ie. K. The upper, egg, lettuce layer remains without mayonnaise.

New Year's salad

So all our New Year's meal is ready, it remains only to think about how to decorate the salad in the year of the monkey. I came up with here is a decoration: the circles of sausage making our fun monkey ears. I also cut out the spout of sausages. Eyes made of carrots and cilia in monkeys of chopped cucumber. For a long time thought of what I do, "smile" monkey. As a result, he used to smile a little bit of red pepper salad.

As originally decorate the salad in the Year of the Monkey, what products to use at the same time, every woman can decide itself, based on the presence of those or other products of his imagination and sentiment.

New Year's salad

When finished decoration New Year's salad, to better soaked with mayonnaise, it is necessary to infuse the dish in the refrigerator for two to three hours.

My home tasters hardly wait until I let them try a simple but at the same time and the original salad "Monkey". They even said that it tastes much more "interesting" than the usual "Olivier".

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