Vegetable stuffed with mushrooms

This recipe may well be attributed to the lean, which is worthy to be a good meal for a vegetarian. Cabbage leaves filled with vitamins, will be very useful to try everything. Stuffed with vegetables and mushrooms, cabbage rolls are soft and naturally taste. Of course, the composition can be combined with other vegetables and, at the discretion and taste ...


Remove the upper leaves of the cabbage, wash and boil until soft in salted water.

Clean and wash the mushrooms. Also, boil in salted water, only this time to full readiness. Fold in a colander and cool in cold water. Give to move moisture and chop.

Cut the onion into small cubes, place on a hot frying pan with a little butter, sprinkle with sugar and fry until the onions are slightly translucent.

Peel carrots and pass through a large grater. Pour into the pan to the onions and continue to cook on a small flame until the carrots are not soften. Cut the peppers into small cubes and send together with mushrooms in a frying pan. Stir and sauté within 5-8 minutes. Boil the rice, chop greens and connect with the rest of steamed vegetables. Add salt and ground black pepper.

Carefully separate the leaves from the cabbage leaves should remain intact. Place the stuffing and wrap it in an envelope.

Arrange the stuffed cabbage leaves in a pot. Spread the tomato sauce in a small amount of water and pour the cabbage rolls, so that the surface is slightly peered. Sprinkle grated carrots and simmer over low heat for 20 minutes.

When ready, place portions for supplying and sprinkle with herbs.

These meatless cabbage rolls differ from traditional meat abundance of vitamins. The presence of the rice makes their already satisfying.