Crispy chicken legs

Most people prefer meat as chicken legs. Which cooking method would you choose, in most cases, the process is fairly simple, and the end result is always expected. Subject to no tricky rules, crunchy legs obtained fragrantly delicious.

Trying to somehow diversify the diet, we decided to make a small addition and make the dish even tastier. Roasted chicken drumsticks in breadcrumbs with potatoes - easier and tastier than you can imagine.

Detailed recipe cooking crispy and juicy chicken legs

You must first buy a few chicken legs, about 5-6 pieces. Make sure that they are fresh and do not have an unpleasant smell, otherwise the legs may be considered expired and unfit for further use.

Also, we need 1-2 eggs, for crisp - bread crumbs 100 g, which can be easily made at home itself.

More for the preparation of these delicious chicken legs we need the peanuts in an amount of 100 grams. And of course for the taste and aroma of spices can not do without; salt, pepper and special seasoning for chicken - all this will be used to rely on your own taste.

A roast them will be on the vegetable oil, the amount preferably not abused during frying chicken legs, should not be covered with oil more than half.

Additional entire arsenal necessary ingredients normal acute ketchup or any sauce from fresh tomatoes and garlic, cooked his own hand.

How to cook chicken legs

Crispy chicken legs

1. The first step is to thoroughly rinse the feet under running water and clean the carcass of possible feathers. To get the most meat mild peel is recommended, although you can leave.

Crispy chicken legs

2. Next, in a deep bowl beat eggs, add a tablespoon of ketchup, put salt and spices. All thoroughly mixed.

3. Following the prescription, prepare a batter; finely chop the peanuts and combine with breadcrumbs, you can also put a little more special dry spices for chicken, which are sold in stores. 4. Next, each a chicken leg is completely dipped in egg mixture cooked on all sides breading with nuts so that the foot is completely covered with breadcrumbs. All this is done with the rest of the legs.

5. Pour the oil in a frying pan and raskalivaem to a maximum temperature. One by one we spread our breaded chicken legs, which were prepared according to the recipe. Fry on medium heat on each side until they are covered with a golden crust.

should not fry over high heat, crunchy legs should be well fry thoroughly to the ground and therefore it is necessary to prepare them to moderate medium-high heat.

As a side dish is perfect roast potatoes or boiled rice with vegetables, as well as any other side dish that you see fit for these crispy and delicious chicken legs.

Following this recipe, which does not require special skills and abilities, you can prepare a delicious meal, and thus surprise guests.