Mushroom salad with tomatoes and greens

Mushrooms - a high-quality and valuable natural product. They contain substances characteristic of how plant products and animals. And so, from the fungi are obtained tasty, healthy and at the same time quite hearty, most importantly to be able to properly prepare and present ...

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Salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs recipe

First of all boil the mushrooms in a little salted water for 10-15 minutes. And best of all, cook the soup with plenty of mushrooms, which as it turns out very tasty. A small number of separate salad skipping through a colander. Give to move moisture and cut them into long slices. Next, rinse the vegetables and herbs. Cut is not very small pieces of cucumber, tomato slices and a moderately coarse every green.

Gather everything in a deep bowl, add the vinegar and pepper, sprinkle with black allspice and stir everything thoroughly.

Mushroom salad with tomatoes and greens

Spring salad with mushrooms is ready. It's simple and very tasty!

Did you know that edible mushrooms are growing quite rapidly, and therefore the expression went, "like mushrooms after rain." They can grow both on the ground and on trees, walls, cones, and on a wet sack of grain ...