Chop chicken fillet in batter

Probably easier and tastier than you can imagine. These chicken chops can be cooked without any trouble in a hurry. At the output, using the batter, chicken fragrant-obtained soft and significantly more juicy than in other cases. Everything in so simple and fast that the result is very happy ...

If you want to get the most, the best meat in the oven furnace. But as we prepare chicken in the pan, it's easier and at times tastier.

    Chops Chicken recipe

  1. Chicken fillet must first wash and cut into not too thin plates. Each cut piece individually with special hammer to fight off. Chop chicken fillet in batter
  2. Next, prepare the batter for chops: in a deep bowl combine eggs, mayonnaise or sour cream, a pinch of salt, flour and whisk whisk until smooth. The mixture should turn out not very liquid and not very thick.
  3. Salt chicken chops on all sides, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and fry one by one on a small amount of hot oil on each side for 4-6 minutes, until golden brown.
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  5. Prepared chicken chops to shift into a separate bowl, give little away heat. When applying them, you can file a fresh tomatoes, or prepare a light salad of fresh vegetables.

Preparedness, thanks to batter meat covered with a light crust that much in the picture, and in the inside, so that's a way to keep the natural flavor and juiciness of the chicken.