How to cook mashed potatoes

In this detailed recipe, we will look classic and the only sure way of cooking the most popular side dish of all time. Do you think that just boil the potatoes and then whip it into a puree - this will be enough? Certainly not! Let's look at and try to cook unmatched mashed potatoes ...

Among other side dishes, one of the most popular and always want to read mashed potatoes and it is a fact that is difficult to disagree. In this regard, it is difficult to imagine that one of the housewives are not familiar with the process of preparation. Of course, boil the potatoes and stir in the mashed potatoes is not tricky, though, as in any business, there are nuances and that would make a tasty, perfect mashed potatoes, you will need to know some of the subtleties ...

Mashed potatoes recipe with photos

  • The first step is to clean the potatoes, rinse in water. In the process, the peeled potatoes in any case can not be left without water, otherwise potato darkens. In order to avoid this pre-prepare a small pot, half fill with water and processed vegetables immediately put into the dishes. How to cook mashed potatoes
  • Next, slice the potato slices and average send in a pot of boiling salted water. Cook with the lid closed on a medium heat for about 20 minutes, until tender. Willingness is possible to determine a fork piercing. How to cook mashed potatoes
  • As time passes, the water is drained, we shift into a separate dish, and you can pan the very first mash tolkushkoy or special modern device made of stainless steel. How to cook mashed potatoes
  • Then pour hot milk - this is important. If you add cool, then puree darkens considerably, which is not desirable. Milk is desirable to add a trickle, while stirring, so as not to go too far quantity. How to cook mashed potatoes
  • The final step: in the resulting dough is moderately add the butter, which is considerably soften the taste and puree will quickly pall. Add salt, relying on your taste, it can be a bit of fragrant black pepper. Continue to stir until the sauce does not become light and airy. How to cook mashed potatoes

As a rule, the mashed potatoes are served as a side dish and it perfectly combines many of the dishes, the recipes of which you will find on our site.