Crab salad

The basis and the highlight of the salad is a product that embodies the holidays. Taste it, almost immediately I fell in love with all of them. And this despite the fact that the crab sticks do not contain meat of crabs, they are made from processed white fish protein artificially and contain flavor additives

Crab salad is not a diet. Actually no benefit from it, but the harm can not be held. Any dish with crab sticks cooked very simple and no additional processing is not required.

Salad from crab sticks and eggs - Step by step recipe

First you need to prepare all the necessary products, and then you can proceed to the main process. You should start with the preparation of salad crab salad, but it needs to squeeze the juice and rub with a little orange peel.

Crab salad

In a small deep bowl Put the mustard, pour oil, add a little salt and pepper. Pour the squeezed juice and mix. Filling is ready!

Boil boiled quail eggs in cool water, clean and cut into 2 equal parts

In the process of cooking eggs, prepare the onions: Peel, wash and chop the middle-sized cubes

Average random pieces of cut crab sticks

Transfer to a separate bowl all the chopped ingredients except eggs

And the final step is to lay out serving dishes washed and dried by lettuce leaves, top to impose crabs and onions, generously pour the mustard sauce and garnish with sliced ​​quail eggs

The festive crab salad is ready!