Soup with sausage

We offer you one of the most economical dishes. This is a variation on the theme of the student lazy soup, only there, hot dogs are mainly used. And yet, soup with sausage hunting can be compared with a-bag, just in a more simplified version, which is easily prepared in haste and without significant costs, so quickly and no less tasty to feed a family.

To prepare the dish with sausage need no more than half an hour. You can use almost any product that is in the refrigerator and can be supplemented with soup noodles, peas and enhance the taste of pickle on the similarity of the popular halophytes.

soup with beans and smoked sausage

Soup with sausage

Prepare all the necessary food: cabbage can be replaced by cabbage, and beans must first soak and boil after 10 minutes. Next, cut the sausage into small pieces, peel skin, if necessary.

Onion cut into small cubes and chop the carrots or simply miss out on a small grater.

On a little oil fry the onion first, then carrots and continue to saute already on low heat until the vegetables are softened.

Then, add the beans, pour 3 liters of water, sprinkled with powdered broth, salt and pepper.

Broth bring to a boil, then add the chopped green cabbage and sliced ​​sausage. Simmer the soup on a moderately shallow heat - 15 minutes.

It is recommended to consume the dish in the form of heat, and if it remains, then vegetable soup with sausage on the next day is even tastier.