Best holiday dishes for the New Year

New Year's brightest and most anticipated holiday with fun and a roaring party, which is usually celebrated in the circle of relatives and close friends, one big festive dinner table. Like everything else, holiday dishes on New Year should be special and different from the original ones we used to cook every day.

on the table must be present exclusively In this magical night of holiday dishes, from all kinds of cold appetizers to gourmet hot complicated dishes. And of course, we must not forget about the sweet pastries, a favorite treat for spiritual conversations and interviews.

Salads and appetizers for New Year

Start with meal should be light salads, appetizers, which are not interrupted appetite and prepare for receiving the main body of food. Optionally, it should be something difficult, do focus on the preferences of the guests and especially the taste.

Best holiday dishes for the New Year

salad with crab sticks and rice

Crab salad - once considered a delicacy restaurant meal was a pleasure not cheap. With the advent of the market surimi in the public domain led to the popularization of this salad, which gave the opportunity to try it at home.

Best holiday dishes for the New Year

Salad with smoked fish

Not difficult to drown in the endless sea fish salads recipes, from which it is difficult to make a definite choice. Salad with smoked fish - an excellent cold refreshment, taste and smell of which are not interrupted by the taste of other ingredients added.

Salad with squid and pickled cucumber

Canned squid perfectly match with many vegetables. With pickles and onion salad acquires an unusual taste. Most importantly, this salad is not difficult to prepare, the process takes less than 10 minutes.

List of products: canned squid - 1 can (170 g), a small onion - 1 pc, hard cheese - 100 grams, green onions feathers - 1 bunch, pickled cucumber - 1 piece, boiled egg - 1 pc.. ., sunflower oil - 2 tbsp. spoon. Cut the squid into thin and long pieces, the onion into small cubes and salted cucumber into thin slices. Chop green onions feathers and cut the cheese into small cubes. To gather in one bowl, add butter, a little salt and stir.

If necessary, the oil can be replaced by olive oil mayonnaise or salad pour just before serving to couple an amount of salad mayonnaise spoons will suffice.

One can not imagine Christmas without a magical evening of classics. Herring under a fur coat, and everyone's favorite Olivier - a time-tested salads, without their participation, the table would not be complete, and the holiday is not valid.

Layered salad Mimosa

Legendary fish salad with egg and mayonnaise, which has become a traditional and indispensable attribute of the New Year's dinner. Mimosa - decoration celebration, which invented specifically to captivate views and conquer people's tastes.

Salad Olivier - Holiday collection

One can not imagine a holiday feast without the classics. Beloved Olivier - a time-tested Christmas salad with sausages and vegetables, has won wide popularity due to the perfect combination of taste and availability of ingredients.

Salad Capital - a step by step recipe

As a continuation of the classics recommend to prepare a special dinner Peking chicken salad. This is another interpretation of the famous "Olivier", only an improved version, with good taste and in a festive design.

Salad "under a fur coat" - orange slices

Holiday dishes should differ not only taste, but also the original design, the form of which will delight your eyes. Salad in the form of orange slices able to make a splash, and the opportunity to show off their culinary skills.

Garnet bracelet

Vivid and memorable salad garnet bracelet - looks really very unusual. The sight of his delights. You can be sure your holiday will be a memorable one with him. Cucumber with meat in Korean

Peerless savory, which stimulates the appetite and rapidly disappears from the table. Korean salads different acute pronounced flavor, which is why they are so in demand for parties, where it is supposed abundance of strong drinks.

Canapés with beef

Cocktail party snack in the form of tiny sandwiches with different fillings, which can be eaten in one bite - an excellent addition to your holiday menu, another way to embellish the triumph.

Firs of mashed potatoes

Roasted mashed potatoes as a Christmas fir-trees - a great table decoration and delicious snack that is also suitable as an unusual side dish.

Stuffed eggs

Eggs stuffed with - is a simple and incredibly tasty snack. Stuffed eggs can be prepared in advance, not least on such a day. And since they can be liver, fish, eggs, mushrooms, pate that looks nice and is very impressive.

Holiday salads and appetizers have different variety and flavor, because it is an important part of any feast, of the presence of which will depend on the mood of celebration and well-being of guests.

Hot food on the first

After an easy warm-up, when it is not a joke played out appetite, it takes soups. On this occasion, as the first is best to cook something zhidenkoe and simple, something like a light stew, but more versatile.

Tomato Soup with chickpeas

What should be a festive soup? Answer: - with ease! Not necessarily it must be something ordinary and very hearty. Cook can be a simple vegetable soup, it can do without meat. If only to reinforce and no more. After all, the holiday has just begun!

Soup with sausage

From fast food category - saute soup with smoked meat, perfect light snack. With it you can easily satisfy your hunger and recharge the body. This is a simple and quick dinner option when there is a question about the need to eat. Japanese soup "Miso"

And a little bit exotic. The famous Japanese soup with cheese and other specific products - something reminiscent of the chicken broth. On this occasion, should prepare and treat exotic guests, they will remember it for sure.

Soup with cabbage and minced

For those who love posytnee soup with cabbage and minced meat will be just right.

The process is not how much is not difficult, you can use minced purchased, and with the ingredients to experiment and cook this soup is what you want.

Soups, broths and other liquid food is not particularly popular at events. But for long parties this moment should not be missed. You need to carefully think through what the first dish to prepare for the holidays, which is not eaten by the way, and will not.

The main Christmas dish

Hot dishes - is the culmination of the feast. Typically, this is a special meat dish with an original side dish, which must necessarily cause the appearance of cheers of admiration of all around the table.

Rolls "Cardon Bleu"

Schnitzel in breadcrumbs with cheese and ham - a meat cutlet stuffed in an unusual performance for us. It is the winner of the famous cooking show in France, the dish won the right to be at the ceremony.

Shepherd's pie

Tastes are different and all very difficult to please people. In such an evening is better to prepare multi-component meals of favorite foods that throughout the expiring year took part in our diet.

Chicken breast with rice

Holiday Recipes does not always have to be complicated and expensive, they can be simple, such as boiled rice with gravy. The main thing the design and supply, and of course, all this must be prepared with love.

Braised beef with broccoli

Broccoli is not bad combined with many products. The easiest and fastest way to cook hearty dish with broccoli - is put out together with meat because beef stew favorite food meat eaters. Baked fish in the oven

Baked perch in the oven - a dietary meal and bright table decoration. Marine fish have always been in demand seafood lovers, because most of them have valuable properties and are considered delicacies.

Loin with potatoes in the oven

Not everyone can stand in front of this kind of food. Pork loin with baked potatoes will be enjoyed by lovers of delicious and hearty meal. And for those who wish to abstain, it will be very difficult.

Chicken baked in foil

Every time the chicken is baked in the oven - it is a holiday! Although chicken in foil - it is ordinary and simple recipe, error-free version of cooking festive poultry dishes.

Duck with apples and oranges

Roast duck in the oven - a spectacular holiday food, which certainly will make an appearance of a sensation. Holiday Duck - generous refreshments table and a sign of special attention to caring hostess met dear guests.

Of particular importance should be given to the type and pitch. On a day the main dishes, as well as many other holiday dishes on New Year must be executed flawlessly, bright and beautifully decorated however when.

Sweet desserts on New Year

Finally, the end of the evening, the sweetest and loved - adored by all the desserts! It can be all sorts of pastry with filling, sweet homemade cakes with fruit, light and airy berry mousse, and of course cakes.

Pear in puff

Just do not believe that these puffs pears cook as easy as they could eat your home in a short period of time. Well, of course, when it comes puffs - it is delicious.

Bananas in Chocolate

Introducing delicious dessert bananas, which in combination with dried fruits and coated with chocolate converted into heavenly pleasure.

Raffaello at home

Enough to be able to open a jar of condensed milk, but otherwise everything is extremely simple, minimum effort and ingredients - maximum pleasure and enjoyment ... Cake pigeon's milk"

Bird's milk - souffle sponge cake with chocolate icing. Magnificent dessert with exquisite delicate taste is heavenly delight from which no temptation to resist.

Cake "ladies fingers"

In this version's combined cream biscuits takes an entirely different taste, baking is a more perfect and unique taste charms ...

Cherry cake with frosting

Air sponge cake with custard and berries - a simple cake in bright performance prepared on the classical recipe and love, which elegantly combines the beauty and taste.

Curd dessert without baking

Not difficult to prepare and it is very tasty dessert of cookies with the air filled with curd may well replace the cake and become an unusual ornament for the holidays.

The best reward for a caring hostess - a word of thanks and the empty plates from the eaten food.

Happy New Year, and happiness to your home!