Beet burgers

Beet burgers look bright and elegant, and the taste will satisfy even those who do not like this a healthy vegetable. The main advantage of which is particularly pleasing - it's not expensive and available components, the benefits and ease of preparation, and most importantly, a side dish and some kind of sauce here are not necessary.

For many burgers associate it with meat patties of minced meat. But they can be quite different, not like not only taste, but also the composition. Let's look at several options for their preparation.

How to cook vegetable cutlets beets

Vegetable burgers with beetroot, cooked according to this recipe, obtained hearty, nutritious and tasty, and the ingredients needed most simple.

Beet burgers

Clear the beets from the skin, wash and grate.

Beet burgers

Hammer in one egg, add the chopped garlic, salt, black pepper and semolina.

Beet burgers

Mix all ingredients added to homogeneity.

Beet burgers

form a flat cake 1 cm thick, roll, breaded and fried in a pan with hot oil.

In oil roasting time should not strongly overheat and unlike conventional meat, vegetable to be prepared on medium heat to fry them inside and not outside scorched. Recipe beet meatballs with nuts

To begin, prepare foods: beets, wash with a sponge to remove the root and leaves, pour the vinegar and wrap in two layers of aluminum foil. It is advisable to choose small bulbs, so that they had time to fully propechsya. Preheat oven to 180 degrees in advance and send the vegetables at 60 minutes.

The composition of the product:

beet - 0, 6 kg, wine vinegar -. 10-15 ml, butter -. 25 gr. semolina - 40 c, walnuts -. 70 c, garlic -. 4 tooth egg - 1 piece, salt and pepper, bread crumbs.

Beets ready remove from the oven, carefully expand and put to cool, then rub on a grater or blender. Put the mass in the pan, add semolina, butter and cook to simmer for 15 minutes. Cool.

Beet burgers

Garlic and Walnuts blender grind to a state of almost smooth.

Connect beet and walnut mass, add the egg and vent stuffing. If the composition has turned too liquid, add some breadcrumbs. Structure minced depends beet varieties.

Beet burgers

blindly small meatballs and roll them on both sides with breadcrumbs. Heat pan and fry in vegetable oil, yet is not formed on the surface of golden brown.

Beet burgers

The food is ready! You can start tasting.

Recipe beet burgers with Adygei cheese

Cutlets with Adygei cheese obtained by tender and juicy. For their preparation does not require any eggs or cereal, so dish out dietary and surprisingly delicious, with a fine touch of creamy.

The composition of the products to 10 meatballs:

beet - 0, 6 kg Adyg cheese -. 115 g, white flour - 0, 5 h l, salt and pepper, bread crumbs -.. 2 tbsp. l.

  • Beets boil until cooked or cook for a couple, and then cool and grind in a blender until smooth.
  • Adygei cheese grate and connect with beets, add the flour, salt and pepper, then mix carefully.
  • From beet minced blind by 10-12 cutlets and fry in the pan in a vegetable oil, yet is not formed on the surface appetizing crust.
  • The dish is ready! Serve it to the table immediately, and amaze your family.