Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice

Burning question of each family - what to cook for dinner? - It is from this starting their day. Again, pasta or burgers? And why not, after all the meat always want and it does not get tired. Offers a variety of menus and cook something averaged, not burgers or meatballs, not hot and not bake, but simply put out Meat hedgehogs of minced meat in tomato sauce - and it will be the right solution, satisfying and special dish to second. Unlike ordinary food, delicious hedgehogs with rice please everyone, especially the children of such foods will be delighted.

If you want to know how to properly prepare the hedgehogs of minced meat with rice, then this recipe is for you. They can be cooked in different ways, bake, fry, and even boil. Incredibly tasty and juicy inside turn meatballs in sauce, if beef add the vegetables and season with aromatic spices.

Stewed hedgehogs with rice - a step by step recipe

Hedgehogs of minced meat with rice

The first step is preparing the stuffing for hedgehogs: in a deep bowl combine ground beef ready with 1 head finely chopped onion, which is better to scroll on the blender. Add the boiled rice in salted water and chopped garlic. To taste salt and pepper.

Stir all the ingredients, and after soaking the hands in cold water, form of cooked minced meatballs large, 4-5 cm in diameter. In a frying pan with 2 tablespoons of heated oil fry simmer diced onions and grated carrots, until soft.

Pour to stewed vegetables fresh cream, tomato paste, stir and heated for 2 minutes.

Shift the contents of the pan and a deep as possible in the wider pan to freely hedgehogs together in one layer. Pour 200 ml hot water, the taste strictly pour salt and spices, if necessary, stir and bring to a boil. Put in rice hedgehogs one layer of minced meat in the pan and dipped in tomato sauce, close the lid and simmer cook - 30 minutes.

About 10 minutes until cooked, add chopped dill and parsley, with a spoon, stir the sauce and pour them meatballs. Continue to simmer until the rice hedgehogs are not steamed, and part of the liquid evaporates.

And so we looked at another recipe hedgehogs of minced meat with rice, a delicious and simple. Following our instructions, you now know how to prepare Meat hedgehogs with rice in tomato sauce and can easily repeat the process at home and surprise your guests. If you prefer, you can cook a hedgehog in a creamy sauce, but that's another topic.